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Sure, weight train­ing ng helps you build lean mus­cles, but you need to make sure you get et your pro­tein fix to aid that mus­cle le re­pair! The av­er­age amount a woman should aim to get each day? ? 46 grams of pro­tein. Here’s how too to sneak more pro­tein into your diet... et. ...

Eggs –

one large e egge egg = seven grams of prootein. pro­tein.

Peanut but­ter r on whole­meal l toast – one ta­ble­spoon on of the spread con­tains on­tains ap­prox ap­prox­i­mately xi­mately seven grams ams of pro­tein, , while two slices es of bread has about 12.

Pro­tein otein bars, shakess shakes or en­ergy balls s – these vary ry in pro­tein amounts, but are there here just to boost your in­take! ke! So stock up...

Lean an meats like chicken, cken, beef or turkey – an av­er­age por­tio por­tion on can con­tain ain a whop­ping 20-25 grams of pro­tein.

Cot­tage cheese or Greek yo­gurt just one cup of cot­tage cheese ese = 12 grams of pro­tein!

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