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For th eh past f few sea­sons now, Real Housewives of at­lanta star Cyn­thia Bailey has been mostly liv­ing the quiet life – mar­ried to Peter Thomas, rais­ing her teenage daugh­ter Noelle and try­ing to stay clear of the drama and weavepulling on her hit re­al­ity show.

But things have changed! She’s turned 50, set­tled into her new home at Lake Bailey as a sin­gle woman, her daugh­ter is all grown up and off on ad­ven­tures of her own, she’s dip­ping her toes in the dat­ing pool – and she’s also find­ing her­self in the mid­dle of all the drama! Look out!

“It doesn’t help when my two besties on the show are the vil­lains!” Cyn­thia says, laugh­ing about her friend­ship with Nene Leakes and Kenya Moore.

But it’s not just Nene and Kenya y drag­ging her into the dramz.


Cyn­thia’s Cyn­thia man­aged to hunt it down her­self! But with who?

has the tea...

You’ve had your ups and downs with Nene in the past, but you’re best bud­dies again!

Nene has al­ways been one of my best friends. We had a bit of a fall­ing out, but we got over it – she’s so much fun to be around.

So are you pre­par­ing an­other friend­ship con­tract af­ter you burnt the ex­ist­ing one?

[Laughs] No! There will be no friend­ship con­tracts be­tween us ever again! The friend­ship con­tract is dead!

Kim Zol­ciak-bier­mann’s also back this sea­son... how do you feel about her re­turn?

Look, Kim is one of the orig­i­nal Housewives, and I think it’s al­ways great when some­one from the orig­i­nal cast re­turns.

OK, we get it, you’re be­ing po­lite! How do you do that by the way? You’re al­ways dodg­ing the ar­gu­ments!

[Laughs] [La Kenya and Nene are al­ways getting them­selves into trou­ble. Now lis­ten, I don’t al­ways agree with what they’re say­ing, but you’ve just gotta let them go.

You never want to just get in there?

[Laughs] I con­sider my­self love and light on the show. But there was a bit of a sit­u­a­tion with the new girl Eva [Mar­cille] that I had to in­sert my­self into. Now I’ve known Eva for years from my mod­el­ling and we have a lot of friends in com­mon, but when she ar­rived on the show, Eva started getting a lit­tle bit messy. I had to sort that out right away. You’ll see!

We can’t wait! Now what’s this about you dat­ing men half your age?

Turn­ing 50 has been a re­birth for me! I’m be­ing su­per selfish and greedy with Cyn­thia for the first time in a long time. Then the whole cougar thing hap­pened! I’m po­si­tion­ing my­self to meet guys around my age – and young guys are com­ing for me! What can I do?

No com­plaints, though, right?

It’s not like I act, look or feel 50 – I just am! But my milk­shake is ap­par­ently bring­ing some of the young ones to the yard! If I get too ex­cited, Noelle’s like, ‘Mum, you’re act­ing too thirsty!’

How does Peter feel about you dat­ing? He reck­ons you two will get back to­gether...

I was like, “Uh, ex­cuse me? I don’t think so...” I was pretty sur­prised when he said that. Un­less he knows some­thing I don’t know, we’re done. I didn’t wake up overnight and de­cide to get a di­vorce! Kenya is now mar­ried, but not ev­ery­one is tak­ing the news too well... I did not know she was getting mar­ried and I was def­i­nitely a lit­tle pissed off about that. But I am so root­ing for them, 100 per cent. I’ve been telling them to have an­other wed­ding – one that I can not only go to, but can ac­tu­ally be a part of in some way. I have to be a brides­maid or some­thing!

You went to New York House­wife Luann du Lesseps wed­ding, right?

I sure did, yeah!

Would you ever jump ship and join RHONY?

Oh, I lived in New York for years – it’s my sec­ond home! If I could, I’d prob­a­bly choose New York or Bev­erly Hills! They should bring us all to­gether! I’m go­ing to have to talk to Andy Cohen about that! The Real Housewives Of At­lanta airs at 1.35pm (en­core at 8.30pm) Mon­days on Arena

Cyn­thia drinks on the job with her girls Nene and Kenya

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