‘AWESUM’ 1971 Chev Ca­maro


It’s al­most in­evitable that the quest for speed re­sults in a car be­ing tubbed to fit larger rub­ber un­der the bum and a loss of street regis­tra­tion. Well, at least, that’s how it used to be. Quick street cars are where the ac­tion is at these days, and there’s a big push be­hind small-tyre cars stick­ing it to those with big rub­ber, too. Craig Wall and his ‘AWESUM’ 1971 Ca­maro have been preach­ing this for years, with AWESUM hav­ing been driven to the an­nual Fa­ther’s Day Drags, gone right into the pointy end of com­pe­ti­tion, and been driven home again with no trailer in sight. The car has run 10-sec­ond quar­ters since back in the days when that was al­most un­heard of for a streeter, and, although it’s not raced much these days, Craig still drives the wheels off it ev­ery chance he gets.

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