Aaron Costello’s ‘UNIT’ is one of our all-time favourite Ca­maros, and, although it has not raced for a few sea­sons now, it did pre­vi­ously run into the mid-nine-sec­ond zone thanks to the procharged 572ci big block engine. That combo’s now a thing of the past, as Aaron has made the switch to an engine that, while more streetable, may end up of­fer­ing more power in the long term. The new set-up is based around a six-litre LS2 engine fit­ted with cus­tom pis­tons, a cus­tom cam, and cus­tom tim­ing gear — an ar­range­ment that Aaron says is, in real­ity, pretty mild. Where it gets not so mild is with the ad­di­tion of twin Gar­rett GT3582R tur­bos from the turbo king him­self, Steve Mor­ris of the US. Want­ing the con­fig­u­ra­tion to look right, Aaron’s opted for a mir­ror-im­age set-up, which, we’re sure you’ll agree, looks just the part. At this stage, the fuel sys­tem has yet to be sorted. How­ever, a Steve Mor­ris plug-and-play Hol­ley ECU has been or­dered. The goal of the ex­er­cise has been to give the car some more street man­ners and drop noise lev­els — some­thing that, thanks to the twin-turbo set-up, is bound to be achieved. All go­ing to plan, the over­all weight will also be lighter than the pre­vi­ous cast-iron big block and ProCharger combo. At this stage, Aaron’s hop­ing to have the car run­ning around Christ­mas. He isn’t chas­ing out­right power, but hop­ing for around 600hp at the wheels on 98 oc­tane pump gas and closer to 800hp on E85, with the po­ten­tial for more in the fu­ture when the boost is wound up.

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