Hey guys, Just won­der­ing if you were plan­ning on run­ning more tech ar­ti­cles in the magazine? I re­ally like all the step-by-step ones you were do­ing and the ones where you solved the prob­lems with the cars. I know you can find the an­swers to things on the in­ter­net, but for that you need to go look­ing for spe­cific in­for­ma­tion, rather than just have a broad pass­ing in­ter­est in learn­ing about how things work. Thanks,

Logan Brown

Hey Logan, We love run­ning tech ar­ti­cles, too. Our favourite to date is the Im­pala car­bu­ret­tor one from Is­sue No. 105. We loved learn­ing about the process and be­ing able to tell a story. The hard thing is that these ar­ti­cles do take a lot of time — not just from our per­spec­tive but also the time of the work­shops that are do­ing the work and stop­ping all the time to show us what they’re do­ing. The re­sults from the Im­pala car­bu­ret­tor ar­ti­cle made all the hard work worth­while, though, as the Mag­num Au­to­mo­tive team, who did the work, said they knew when the ar­ti­cle came out, as their phone kept ring­ing. That’s pretty cool, if you ask us, so we’ll do our best to bring you, and the other read­ers, some more of this style of ar­ti­cle as soon as we can. Cheers,


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