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Ithink my last ed­i­to­rial col­umn in­cluded some­thing about how keen I was to fea­ture the fol­low­ing is­sue’s cover car, and this is­sue is that fol­low­ing is­sue. That car, as you will no doubt have seen, is Brian Mathews’ fully sick ’59 Ford Galaxie — a car that I’d feel quite com­fort­able in rank­ing among the coolest ve­hi­cles we’ve ever fea­tured. Of course, that ‘cool’ word is a sub­jec­tive one, and some­thing I’m con­scious of try­ing not to bang on about too much — but for this car, I’m mak­ing an ex­cep­tion. I think it’s cool be­cause it is an enor­mous mid­dle fin­ger to­wards con­ven­tion, and to­wards what many peo­ple would think a car needs to be in or­der to make the cover. If you’ve forked out the not-in­con­sid­er­able coin for a full Art Mor­ri­son chas­sis and huge 598ci Jon Kaase Boss en­gine, the ob­vi­ous choice would be to fin­ish the car to the high­est of stan­dards — mir­ror-like paint, de­tailed chas­sis, fully up­hol­stered in­te­rior — so the whole world can know just how awe­some your car is. Or you could do what Brian did, and keep the orig­i­nal paint with all its patina, and the orig­i­nal in­te­rior with bench seats front and rear, so the car may keep on serv­ing as a grossly over­pow­ered bar leaner to be en­joyed by him and his mates. If you were so kind as to read my ed­i­to­rial last is­sue, you’re sure to have read Todd’s, too, which will mean you will also re­mem­ber that the ar­gu­ment of what de­ter­mines a cover car — or a fea­ture car, for that mat­ter — is largely a sub­jec­tive one, as is what makes a car cool. While we’ve got a lit­tle fea­ture in this is­sue about global trends and what’s hot in the in­ter­na­tional car scene, it’s by no means a guide as to what makes a car cool. In fact, if I can pro­vide a bit of un­bi­ased com­men­tary, I’ll ad­mit that I find some of the cars used as ex­am­ples se­ri­ously un­cool. This car, on the other hand … That’s enough from me; cool is in the eye of the be­holder, and in my mind you should be turn­ing the pages to read about the Galaxie in all its glory. You can just sit back and en­joy an al­ter­na­tive photo of it in all its glory.

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