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Happy New Year and all that — yep, it feels like it was ages ago al­ready, but time waits for no one, so they say. Sadly, even this early in the new year, that’s prov­ing not to be the case. A more ac­cu­rate say­ing would be that time waits for slack and un­re­li­able tradies. We’ve only just kicked off the year, and al­ready the hor­ror sto­ries are com­ing in thick and fast of peo­ple wait­ing for ve­hi­cles they were promised would be fin­ished long ago. Don’t get me wrong; I know as well as any­one that noth­ing ever goes to plan, and things al­ways take longer and cost more than you ex­pect, but what’s really dis­heart­en­ing is hear­ing some of the lies and ex­cuses that are be­ing dished out to ve­hi­cle own­ers. I know that I cer­tainly pre­fer hear­ing the truth about ex­pected time­lines, rather than to be told that progress is be­ing made when it’s not or to be given un­re­al­is­tic ex­pec­ta­tions. Quite how some peo­ple stay in busi­ness, or stay em­ployed, is beyond me, but I can only as­sume they’re good at find­ing new peo­ple to dupe money out of as they leave their trail of de­struc­tion be­hind them. While the hope is that karma will one day catch up with those who in­flict such lies and de­ceit on oth­ers, some­times it does seem as if the karma train needs a horse­power in­jec­tion to hurry it up. The good news is that there are pos­i­tive sto­ries be­hind the builds of all the cars we’ve man­aged to lock down for this is­sue. Their qual­ity? That’s right up there, too — thanks, in a few cases, to the own­ers be­ing so ded­i­cated and hands on with their projects. We’ve also man­aged to sort out a story that I’ve been want­ing to get into print for some time — about one of New Zealand’s lit­tle-known suc­cess sto­ries. Tom Mor­land is the name, and, even if it’s one you’re not fa­mil­iar with, the story is well worth a read. The guy’s cre­ativ­ity and work­man­ship, even back in the 1980s, was im­pres­sive. Sadly, he is no longer around, but some of his work­man­ship lives on. Be­ing that this is the first is­sue of the new year, we’ve man­aged to score a few weeks’ break over the Christ­mas pe­riod, as well as put some time into plan­ning what’s com­ing up. Of course, we’re not go­ing to let the cat out of the bag; let’s just say for now that we’ve got a long list of im­pres­sive ve­hi­cles that we’re try­ing to get into these pages over the com­ing months. We hope you en­joy this is­sue as much as we’ve en­joyed putting it to­gether. Catch you next month.

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