I was on the phone with him; I was quite spe­cific on the colour, and I had a heap of op­tions. Bryce was like, “How about this one?” or “No, not that one”. I de­cided on this one based on price and mileage.

It must’ve been a bit fright­en­ing buy­ing it sight un­seen off the in­ter­net? Yeah, it was, but I have no re­grets — not with Bryce in con­trol of things.

So, we take it that it goes quite well? [Big smile] Yes, yes. When it ar­rived, I was think­ing of trans­port­ing it back but Bryce said, “Ange, you’ll be dis­ap­pointed if you do; you have to drive it home.” So I flew to Tau­ranga to col­lect it, then drove it to Auck­land to show a few friends, and he was right. I was cau­tious, though, but not so much now some­times — ev­ery time I drive, I have a smile on my face.

You have an in­ter­est­ing sticker on the back win­dow, “You’ve just been passed by a girl”; that must raise a few eye­brows? No, not really, I was parked up in town one day and peo­ple were look­ing at the car. I pressed the but­ton and un­locked the door, and they said, “Oh, it’s yours?” Some peo­ple do ex­pect it to be owned by a male, but most just look at it and ad­mire it. I love how peo­ple just like the car; I did a lo­cal fundraiser for a school and a boy won a ride in it. It was the girls, though, who seemed more in­ter­ested in the car. I love that; I said to them that one day they could own one. Cars like this are not just for boys! Do you plan to take it down the drag strip? Yeah, ab­so­lutely. I gotta do it at least once; it’s in a con­trolled en­vi­ron­ment with­out any pesky po­lice around.

We see you’re also a mem­ber of Ram Rod­ders. Not just a mem­ber — Ange doesn’t do things by halves; Ange just doesn’t join the club; Ange be­comes the sec­re­tary! At the first meet­ing, I in­tro­duced my­self and they asked me what I drove. I said, “Hi, I’m Ange and I drive a Toy­ota Corolla.” Some­one from the back said, “Yeah, but tell them what you’ve got com­ing.” I said, “But I’ve got a Hell­cat on the water.” Bob [Wil­ton] then piped up, “And I’ve got the keys to a drag strip.”

Do you have any plans to buy some­thing else now you’ve got the bug? I have to keep it for four years, so af­ter that who knows. At the mo­ment, it suits my needs. Be­ing a Hell­cat, it won’t de­pre­ci­ate like a nor­mal Chal­lenger.

You’re not dis­ap­pointed that you didn’t hold out for a De­mon? I don’t like the flared guards, and they are a bit more ex­pen­sive. The Hell­cat is mad enough — and, be­sides, I own a cat­tery so ‘De­mon’ doesn’t really fit.

Thanks heaps for your time, Ange, and en­joy your cat.

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