This month’s cover-car owner has ful­filled his dream by com­plet­ing the Mus­tang you’ve seen ear­lier in this is­sue. He’s vowed there are no more crazy con­cepts lurk­ing in his mind. How­ever, Justin Hansen, who usu­ally com­ments on the con­cept car from an LVVTA point of view, has a con­cept that he’s itch­ing to see turned into re­al­ity. That con­cept is based around one of the coolest, and rarest, long roofs of the 1950s — a 1956 Pon­tiac Sa­fari. These cars were based on the Chev Nomad plat­form but with the added ap­peal of Pon­tiac front and rear sheet metal. The re­al­ity is that the cars were al­most cus­tom look­ing from the fac­tory, so there’s no need at all to get car­ried away with wild body mods. In fact, Justin would leave the body lines all stock — just the way the de­sign­ers at GM in­tended. What those de­sign­ers wouldn’t have ever penned, though, was the paint scheme that Justin would throw at the car — or, more specif­i­cally, at the roof, which he’d cover in a dark green met­alflake. The rest would be the purest white he could get his hands on. Wide white­walls and a slight green tint to the glass would link the two to­gether. Those tyres wouldn’t be mas­sive, and cer­tainly wouldn’t be billet; they’d just be 15-inch steel­ies with spi­der caps. Get­ting the right stance and mak­ing the car han­dle would be crit­i­cal to the build, so Justin’s as­pi­ra­tion would be to have Terry Bow­den from Terry’s Chas­sis Shoppe fab­ri­cate a cus­tom tubu­lar in­de­pen­dent front sus­pen­sion. While Terry had the welder out, Justin would get him to ex­tend his fabri­ca­tion through to a cus­tom in­de­pen­dent rear sus­pen­sion — of course, both ends would be run­ning ad­justable coilovers. Later model GM brakes would be fit­ted all round. While the en­gine bay would be tidy, the booster would re­main in it, rather than get hid­den away. Although Pon­tiac mo­tors tend to cost a whole lot more to build than the Chev equiv­a­lent, Justin would be brand loyal and keep the car with a 289ci Pon­tiac small block topped with triple carbs. Those carbs would hide a se­cret, though: they’d ac­tu­ally be run­ning elec­tronic fuel in­jec­tion (EFI) while keep­ing the triple-carb look. This all sounds to us like a way to make one of the coolest shapes out of Detroit look even bet­ter! What do you say?

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