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Poor Betty. At the end of last sea­son, she found out she has a half-brother, her boyfriend joined a gang and trans­ferred to a high school on the wrong side of town, and she learnt her sis­ter was preg­nant with in­bred ba­bies. Can it get any worse? Ah, yep!

‘Not only is Betty deal­ing with the sep­a­ra­tion be­tween her and [Jug­head], but be­ing in the mid­dle of some­thing she com­pletely did not ask for,’ ex­plains 21-year-old Lili. ‘She’s so young. Your heart goes out to Betty.’

So if her boyfriend is MIA, who does Betty turn to for a shoul­der to cry on? ‘You def­i­nitely see more of Betty and Archie’s friend­ship ship and sup­port sys­tem.’m.’ Uh-oh… What does thiss mean for Varchie and d Bug­head?! So many ques­tions!ns!

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