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Aus­tralia’s new Bach­e­lorette Ali Oetjen – and her suit­ors – are just as smokin’ hot as she is!

We first met Ali Oetjen in 2013. Back then, she placed third on Aus­tralia’s very first sea­son of The Bach­e­lor. Fast for­ward to 2018, and the 32-year-old from South Aus­tralia re­turned to the dat­ing scene for our in­au­gu­ral Bach­e­lor In Par­adise, where she thought she found her soul­mate in Amer­i­can Grant Kemp, 29. But things went south, fast.

Now the blonde babe is ready to love again… Beau­ti­ful? Tick. Love­able? Tick. A hope­less ro­man­tic? Tick! May we present your new­est Bach­e­lorette Ali – and her suit­ors – are just as smokin’ hot as she is!

‘The ar­ray of men was just amaz­ing,’ Ali tells OK!, ad­mit­ting that she’s finally found her guy. So was it love at first sight? ‘Not at first sight, but def­i­nitely sparks at first sight,’ she says.

Here, Ali talks boys, burg­ers and what she re­ally thinks of her G-cup breasts…

It’s of­fi­cial: you’re off the mar­ket! Is it tricky try­ing to keep your cho­sen guy’s iden­tity a se­cret? I def­i­nitely have him as an­other name in my phone!

This time you’re in con­trol – what was that like for you? It was great! I re­ally did think in some way or an­other ev­ery­one was gen­uine. Ev­ery­thing was re­ally open on the show. Ev­ery­thing I was think­ing I would say, ex­cept for my feel­ings. That was one of the hard­est things, that I couldn’t be open about how I felt [due to the process].

Are there any other mis­con­cep­tions out there about you? I can’t wait for ev­ery­one to see who I re­ally am. I’m that nor­mal girl, maybe I’m bor­ing! But I can’t wait for peo­ple to be en­cour­aged to be ex­actly who they are, and to not be afraid of that.

What are your thoughts on cos­metic surgery these days? I’ve had my boobs done. I wish I’d never got­ten them. I want to get them re­moved. I had the surgery prob­a­bly eight years ago, and the rea­son I had that surgery was be­cause I was in a re­la­tion­ship – mind you, it was to­tally my own de­ci­sion. But I saw his ex-girl­friend had these boobs, and I wanted to be [like her].

You thought that’s what he wanted? I feel like my boobs have al­ways been about try­ing to please other peo­ple than my­self. I def­i­nitely want them re­duced. I want peo­ple to know who I am on the inside with­out judg­ing me on the out­side, and I know that’s just about be­ing con­fi­dent, about be­ing who you are. I’ve got to find time to get them re­moved.

There were ru­mours you had lip fillers dis­solved fol­low­ing BIP. True or false? No, I haven’t had them de­flated. I’ve had them done in the past, but I haven’t had any top-ups.

Your ex-boyfriend Grant, who you met on BIP, has been very vo­cal about your breakup. Have you spo­ken to him since the split? No, def­i­nitely not. I don’t want to fuel any more of the neg­a­tiv­ity that has come out of it.

Do you think his in­ten­tions were gen­uine when he joined the show? I think what we shared was… It’s hard for me


to say. I feel that what we had was re­ally spe­cial, but af­ter watch­ing his ac­tions over the past cou­ple of months, he’s ab­so­lutely not the per­son I fell in love with.

So what do you look for in a guy? I value some­one who has a healthy life­style, that’s ac­tive but also has a healthy mind and body – that looks af­ter them­selves. Some­one gen­uine, some­one that’s hon­est, loyal. Some­one that’s re­li­able and sup­port­ive, and some­one with re­ally strong fam­ily val­ues.

Does that mean a guy who likes Mcdon­ald’s is out of the ques­tion? It de­pends. I def­i­nitely look for some­one that’s as healthy as I am, be­cause that makes a huge dif­fer­ence to your life­style.

So you don’t en­joy a cheat day cheese­burger here and there, then? No way! I used to when I was in my early 20s, every now and then when I had a big han­gover or some­thing.

Do you ever cheat on your clean diet? Oh, I def­i­nitely have some choco­late – choco­late and red wine. I had some choco­late on a Bach­e­lorette date.

What’s your idea of a per­fect date? A good date is just get­ting in the car, hav­ing all your healthy snacks and driv­ing on a Sun­day, just ex­plor­ing the coun­try­side. And then some­where cute for lunch.

When it comes to guys, would you say you have a type? I think my type has al­ways changed, de­pend­ing on what I’ve learnt from my pre­vi­ous re­la­tion­ship and what I take into my next one. It al­ways changes, but I think for the looks part of it, he has to live and look like he has that healthy life­style. I just love be­ing ac­tive, that’s what I do every week­end.

Would you ever move away from Ade­laide for love? I want the per­son I’m with to be open to mov­ing to Ade­laide. I wasn’t shy about say­ing that from the very start. I wasn’t shy about telling them what my in­ten­tions were from the very be­gin­ning. I want a hus­band. I want that per­son to be able to cre­ate a fam­ily with me, and I want them to be open to mov­ing.

Would you ever pro­pose to a guy? I would never pro­pose to a guy! I have tra­di­tional val­ues, and I like that the male does it. It’s like, come on, buddy.

What’s your dream wed­ding? I don’t have a dream wed­ding dress. I’ve just


al­ways wanted that hap­pily ever af­ter be­cause I know it ex­ists. I look at my par­ents and what they have, and they’re just in­sep­a­ra­ble. Dad would do any­thing for Mum and vice versa, and that’s what I want. But in a dream wed­ding, all I’ve ever known is that I want a beach wed­ding, and that I want it chilled and re­laxed.

Tell us about your ideal en­gage­ment ring… I don’t re­ally have a dream en­gage­ment ring, as I’ve been en­gaged in the past. It was a light blue sap­phire and it was just stun­ning. A ring sym­bol­ises love, so I don’t re­ally care what it looks like.

Did you re­turn the ring when you ended things? I def­i­nitely gave it back. I couldn’t keep the ring – I have good morals.

What went wrong for you guys? We both tried for a long time to work things out be­tween us. I had to put my­self first be­fore an­other per­son. I needed some­one to be all those traits that I was say­ing, and he didn’t like to share his feel­ings with me. So I found that re­ally hard, and it was some­thing in the end that I wasn’t will­ing to com­pro­mise on.

So now you’ve found the man of your dreams on The Bach­e­lorette. Are kids part of your plan? I want two. I’d ideally like twins. One boy and one girl.

Do you have any name ideas? I do! I would like one to be Heidi.

How do you know that you’ve found The One this time? For me, aura is a big thing. Feel­ing their en­ergy and the way they hold them­selves – their body lan­guage, the way that they speak – that is a huge thing for me. I was look­ing for some­one who was beau­ti­ful and kind on the inside, more im­por­tantly.

Are you pos­i­tive about the fu­ture? I’m super happy. I loved hav­ing that con­trol over my own des­tiny [on the show]. I was able to re­ally man­i­fest what I wanted in a guy from the qual­i­ties, in­ter­ests and morals I wasn’t go­ing to wa­ver from. I knew I was go­ing to find that right per­son for me at the end – I had to.

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