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When it comes to choos­ing the right out­door watch to suit you, you first need to con­sider what it is you want to use it for – where, how and why. There are a lot of dif­fer­ent types of watch out there in the mar­ket­place, so you want to en­sure you do your re­search first.

Here are our top 6 tips for find­ing the ideal watch:

1. You want to find a watch that is re­li­able and durable. It needs to with­stand all types of weather and ter­rain, all kinds of ac­tiv­ity, and you prob­a­bly want to get a brand that is well known, with a qual­ity rep­u­ta­tion. The last thing you need when you’re out on an ad­ven­ture is for your GPS track­ing watch to fail!

2. Check the cost. If you want the best, you can’t work on a tight bud­get. High qual­ity watches will cost you a bit, but they are far more worth it in the long run. For un­der $150 you’ll still be able to find a watch that of­fers fit­ness track­ers; but of course the more you spend, the bet­ter the fea­tures you’ll get.

3. You def­i­nitely want a watch face that is scratch proof. Whether you’re out on the wa­ter kayak­ing, run­ning through the moun­tains, or skiing down the slopes, you want to know your watch is safe from dam­age. If you can avoid it, don’t get a crys­tal, plas­tic or glass cover on it.

4. One of the best things about mod­ern watches is find­ing those that have glow-in-the-dark hands or back­ing lights. This is great if you’re out camp­ing be­cause it means you’ll still be able to check the time, the GPS, or any of the other fea­tures on your watch.

5. If wa­ter sports are a big thing on your list of fun, you have to make sure your watch is wa­ter re­sis­tant or wa­ter proof. You need re­sis­tance of at least 10 me­tres – but there are plenty that of­fer 100 me­tres of pro­tec­tion. Re­mem­ber that wa­ter re­sis­tant isn’t the same as wa­ter proof, so if you’re plan­ning on tak­ing your watch deep sea div­ing, make sure you check the qual­ity of pro­tec­tion.

6. Con­sider the fea­tures you want to in­clude. Do you need a GPS, or do you just want to tell the time? In the world of mod­ern tech­nol­ogy the op­tions are truly end­less when it comes to find­ing a watch to suit you. Track your dis­tance, mon­i­tor your heart rate, lis­ten to mu­sic (yes, that’s right! Lis­ten­ing to mu­sic from your watch is pos­si­ble!) … there are so many lit­tle fea­tures that you can choose from to en­sure you have a great ad­ven­ture.

Our Rec­om­men­da­tion

When it comes to choos­ing a watch for your next ad­ven­ture, why set­tle for any­thing less than the best?

Imag­ine if you could get a watch that is not only stylish, but that is also wa­ter proof, of­fers the long bat­tery life you need, and is jam packed with loads of fea­tures that you can en­joy for ev­ery ac­tiv­ity you plan on do­ing. What if we told you that YOU CAN! Still don’t be­lieve us?

Check this out. This is the Tom­tom Ad­ven­turer GPS Out­door Watch, and it is the watch that lit­er­ally has it ALL and much more!!

The Tom­tom Ad­ven­turer is your ideal com­pan­ion, spot­ter, and pacer when it comes to ex­plor­ing the great out­doors, and ev­ery­thing in be­tween. This watch tracks your out­door ad­ven­tures like trail-run­ning, hik­ing, skiing, and snow­board­ing, in ad­di­tion to run, cycling, swim and gym modes. Of­fer­ing live stats on the go, in­clud­ing al­ti­tude, 3D dis­tance, as­cent, gra­di­ent, pace and calo­ries burned (and that’s not all!).

You can also track your pulse with­out a chest strap us­ing the built-in heart rate mon­i­tor and add a sound­track to your ad­ven­tures with the built-in mu­sic player that can store over 500 songs. Just take your Blue­tooth head­phones.

The trail ex­plo­ration fea­ture in the watch lets you dis­cover new routes with the con­fi­dence to al­ways find your way back. And on top of that, sync, store and share your stats with the Tom­tom Mys­ports com­pan­ion app, or any of your favourite apps like Strave, Nike­plus, or En­domondo.

Here are some of the big­gest ben­e­fits:

Built for the Wild Built tough enough to stand up to all your out­door ad­ven­tures. De­signed stylish enough for ev­ery­day.

Rugged Strap De­sign Your watch will stay pro­tected with the raised bezel to pro­tect the watch face when you are on the moun­tain.

Wa­ter Re­sis­tant to 40m (5ATM) Throw your­self into all weather con­di­tions. Mea­sure your lap times in the pool, take on the rapids or cool off in a lake.

5 Heart Rate Train­ing Zones Whether you’re try­ing to burn fat or max­imise car­dio per­for­mance, get re­sults faster by train­ing in 5 dif­fer­ent heart rate zones.

Au­dio Per­for­mance Feed­back Push your­self with au­dio feed­back on your per­for­mance.

24/7 Ac­tiv­ity Track­ing Cap­ture your heart rate, steps, ac­tive min­utes, and calo­ries burned through­out the day.

Race Mode Se­lect one of your past per­for­mance to race against.

In­ter­val Train­ing Im­prove speed and fit­ness with cus­tom work-rest ses­sions.

Long Bat­tery Life With over 10 hours of power on all sports modes, and over 20 hours in Hik­ing Mode, the bat­tery stays the course as long as you do.

Au­to­matic Sleep Track­ing Track your sleep pat­terns and know if you’re get­ting the sleep you need.

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