It’s the sea­son for hayfever

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IN our beau­ti­ful North East re­gion we are blessed with stun­ning in­land moun­tains and open farm­ing plains.

With­out the coastal drafts, how­ever, the air­borne pol­lens that burst forth at spring­time hover thick in the air we breathe.

If you are one of the many that suf­fer with hayfever in the North East, here are the Natur­o­pathic top five tips to re­duce the dis­com­fort.

Vi­ta­min C with Zinc in a pow­dered form is a nondrowsy anti-in­flam­ma­tory and anti-his­tamine, which re­duces the itch­ing and red­ness of the eyes, throat and nasal pas­sages. Add a tea­spoon in a glass of wa­ter twice daily.

To put a stronger bar­rier be­tween the inside nasal throat and lung lin­ings against the out­side air pol­lens, chew­able flaxseed or good tast­ing fish oil cap­sules work ex­cep­tion­ally well. We pre­fer flaxseed cap­sules be­cause you can gen­er­ally use up to 10 per day safely.

Keep your wa­ter in­take high to main­tain a moist throat and wet tongue at all times. Carry a small drink bot­tle with your car keys when you leave the house, keep a bot­tle with you to sip on. Pol­lens ir­ri­tate a dry throat much more.

Salt wa­ter nasal sprays can pro­vide in­stant mois­ture to dry nasal pas­sages and re­duce in­fec­tion. These are a more con­ve­nient take on the tra­di­tional “neti pots” which are used in tra­di­tional medicine for si­nus. Neti Pots are tea pot- like pots used to pour wa­ter into the nos­trils as a rinse. Salt wa­ter sprays are a con­ve­nient carry with you al­ter­na­tive.

Lastly an al­lergy test with a Natur­opath. Ad­di­tional sources of ir­ri­ta­tion such as pet hair, ex­ces­sive dust, food in­tol­er­ances just add bur­den on a body which is al­ready un­der stress. Elim­i­nat­ing or treat­ing these al­ler­gens can help greatly with your si­nus.

Hope­fully this will en­cour­age you to get out into the gar­den for healthy ex­er­cise and out and about in our stun­ning lo­cal area on your legs or bike (watch for them Mag­pies) and en­joy the beau­ti­ful spring.


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