Spring lawn main­te­nance

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NOW is the best time to un­der­take some ben­e­fi­cial main­te­nance to get the lawn in top shape for sum­mer.

For a lush green lawn, treat your lawn to a spring makeover. Check out the gen­eral con­di­tion of the lawn. Check for weeds and ar­eas that need par­tic­u­lar at­ten­tion like yel­low­ing, bare patches and un­even­ness.

If the lawn is springy, it may have a buildup of thatch.

This is cause by dead blades of grass ac­cu­mu­lat­ing around the base of the grass stems.

This re­duces wa­ter and nu­tri­ents pen­e­trat­ing down into the soil.

Give it a good rake with a steel rake to re­move the thatch.

Com­pacted soil can be a prob­lem in high traf­fic ar­eas leav­ing spots where the grass won’t grow.

This is be­cause the soil be­comes densely packed, mak­ing it dif­fi­cult for the grass to take root.

Open up the soil to al­low wa­ter, nu­tri­ents and air to pen­e­trate, by sink­ing the prongs of a gar­den fork into the ground to a depth of about 10cm and wig­gle it back and forth.

For larger lawns, con­sider hir­ing a core aer­a­tor ma­chine.

Re­move weeds now be­fore they ma­ture and spread more seed.

The best way to dis­cour­age weeds is to have a thick, healthy lawn.

Use a hose-on com­bi­na­tion fer­tiliser and her­bi­cide like “Weed n feed” or “Bindii” to pro­mote strong new grass growth and kill a se­lec­tion of broadleaf weeds like cape­weed, bindii, clover, dan­de­lions and this­tles.

Feed your lawn with an or­ganic, slow re­lease, lawn fer­tiliser to pro­mote healthy green growth, strong root growth and in­creased dis­ease re­sis­tance.

Th­ese are avail­able in gran­u­lar, pel­let and hose on ap­pli­ca­tions.

Ap­ply dry fer­tilis­ers with a hand spreader and wa­ter in well im­me­di­ately.

“Weed n feed” not only kills weeds but also fer­tilises the lawn.

Fi­nally, top dress un­even and bare patches with soil and seed us­ing a lawn re­pair kit.

Give your lawn a deep wa­ter­ing once a week and mow reg­u­larly to a height of 3 inches, 7-8 cm, with sharp blades. And don’t mow when the grass is wet. Happy gar­den­ing.

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