Fall­ing preg­nant over 40

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COM­MONLY, we are see­ing a large amount of woman looking to con­ceive a baby in their 40s/late 30s, ei­ther nat­u­rally or with the help of IVF/ fer­til­ity drugs.

We of­ten hear our clients say “X celebrity was able to get preg­nant, so I can’t see why I can’t!”.

This state­ment al­ways makes me cringe!

We don’t know the strug­gle that per­son has had to con­ceive and re­main preg­nant.

Whilst it is ac­cu­rate to say that some woman will fall preg­nant eas­ily in their 40s, for some woman this just isn’t the case, even with med­i­cal as­sis­tance.

We are all so in­di­vid­ual with our in­di­vid­ual health flaws, and it is this that we as­sess in clinic.

But what is known is that our eggs and sperm de­cline in qual­ity and num­bers as we age which with­out a doubt is go­ing to im­pact on our fer­til­ity. Com­mon hur­dles cou­ples face when try­ing to con­ceive Law hor­mone lev­els (per­i­meno-pause) • Poor egg qual­ity and re­serve (this is a nat­u­ral de­cline. in some cases can be im­proved with diet. life­style and ac­cu­rate sup­ple­menta-tion) Un­di­ag­nosed or un­treated hor-monal dis­eases (en­dometrio­sis. PCOS. flu­ids. polyps etc) • Ir­reg­u­lar cy­cles fol­low­ing years of hor­monal con­tra­cep­tion (pill. mire-na etc) • Un­di­ag­nosed or un­treated thy-rod dys­func­tion (very im­por­tant part of the con­cep­tion process) Not know­ing when they are 'fer-tile • Poor diet and life­style choices/ and poor nu­tri­tion These is­sues will im­pact fer­til­ity for any age group. but hare a more dra­matic ef­fect once we are over 35 years old. How can the natur­opaths at NEN HC help you' • We com­mu­ni­cate well with your GP/NF spe­cial­ist to make sure eve- ry­one is on the same page. • We teach you how to know (not guess) when you are fer­tile and when you are not • We as­sess your nu­tri­tional sta­tus. and treat where ap­pro­pri­ate. • We are hon­est and up­front about your risks vs ben­e­fits in all ar- eas of your health. We work with herbs and nu­tri- tional sup­ple­ments to im­prove your chances of con­cep­tion/ health In gen­eral. So as you can see be­ing and get- ting preg­nant is so much more than Just get­ting the tim­ing right. As univer­sity qual­i­fied naturo-paths and nat­u­ral fer­til­ity ed­u­ca­tors we can safely and ef­fec­tively as­sist you on your health Jour­ney. We look for­ward to meet­ing you soon

EX­PECT­ING: Con­cep­tion and preg­nancy can be chal­leng­ing, es­pe­cially if you are older.

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