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DRIV­ING New Toy­ota Rogue has large, com­fort­able power-ad­justable seats in the front. Three adults can be car­ried in the back with­out too much shoul­der and hip rub­bing.

Com­fort is good and road noise is sur­pris­ingly low for a com­mer­cial ve­hi­cle. The HiLux Rogue left us fresh af­ter a cou­ple of longer than av­er­age test runs out west of our base on the Gold Coast.

This Toy­ota en­gine is pretty so­phis­ti­cated for a com­mer­cial unit. It re­sponds well to the pedal on the right and doesn’t run out of puff too soon. While re­fined in steady driv­ing it be­comes some­what vo­cal if you ac­cel­er­ate hard. But let’s not for­get it’s a truck not a car.

The auto is pretty re­spon­sive and is gen­er­ally in the cor­rect gear, though some of the shifts thumped at times.

How­ever, the HiLux doesn’t have the ac­cel­er­a­tion of a car and over­tak­ing takes longer than av­er­age.

Nor does it have the han­dling of a car. It holds on safely enough in bends but you’re not go­ing to get any real driv­ing plea­sure from it.

Fuel con­sump­tion ran in the 10 to 12 litres per hun­dred kilo­me­tres range in around town driv­ing, drop­ping to seven to nine litres on the afore­men­tioned trips.

For a change none of our neigh­bours spot­ted our HiLux Rogue in the drive­way and came to ask if we would mind shift­ing some­thing bulky for them (trips to the tip are com­mon…). Per­haps they recog­nised the Rogue as be­ing a ‘tuff’ toy not a se­ri­ous load hauler. SUM­MING UP Frankly, I fail to un­der­stand the cur­rent fash­ion for us­ing dou­ble-cab utes as fam­ily cars. How­ever, the Toy­ota HiLux Rogue is one of the bet­ter units in this class, with good looks, de­cent ride com­fort and rea­son­ably good per­for­mance.

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