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Some­thing else to con­sider while you’re driv­ing is your pos­ture. Sit­ting down for pro­longed pe­ri­ods can lead to: tight­ened mus­cles, headaches/ mi­graines, a weak core, lower back pain and poor pos­ture. Try some of th­ese ba­sic stretches to help loosen you up through­out your driv­ing trip. Only per­form th­ese when stopped at traf­fic lights or out of the ve­hi­cle.

Neck stretch:

Place one hand on the op­po­site side of your head and pull to­wards the arm that is raised. This will stretch the side of your neck. Hold for 20-30 sec­onds and re­peat on the op­po­site side.

Chin tucks:

Tuck your chin in (so you have a dou­ble chin) and then roll it in to­wards your chest. Hold this for five sec­onds – re­lax your shoul­ders at the same time. Re­peat 10 times.

Shoul­der rolls:

Roll your shoul­ders in a cir­cu­lar mo­tion in a clock­wise di­rec­tion 10 times, then anti- clock­wise 10 times. Think of the shoul­ders go­ing up, back, then down.

Shoul­der blade squeezes:

Think about a pen placed be­tween your shoul­der blades, now squeeze the shoul­der blades to­gether and squeeze that imag­i­nary pen for 10 sec­onds. Re­peat three times. Re­mem­ber, th­ese tips and stretches do not re­place your ex­er­cise regime! They should be per­formed in ad­di­tion to your reg­u­lar phys­i­cal ac­tiv­i­ties.

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