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I’m a heavy sleeper and I snore. Big time, win­dow rat­tling stuff. It was driv­ing my part­ner nuts, so much so she couldn’t sleep in the same room.

I went to Snore Aus­tralia for a sleep test, bulk billed. They wire you up and send you to bed.

Turns out I also suf­fer from se­vere sleep ap­noea.

An­other sleep test is booked, also bulk billed, this time wired up and us­ing their CPAP ma­chine. Bingo, like magic, no more snor­ing!

I bought a CPAP ma­chine a year ago and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. She calls it TED (The Ex­cel­lent De­vice).

The best thing about it is it’s im­proved the qual­ity of my sleep by 100 per cent. I’m wide awake all day, ev­ery day.

I don’t wake up dur­ing the night and I dead set feel a mil­lion bucks … ev­ery day!

The change doesn’t hap­pen overnight and it does take a week or two to get used to wear­ing the mask but trust me, you won’t re­gret it.

The other best thing about it is she’s happy … and a happy wife is a happy life.

In the im­mor­tal words of Molly Mel­drum, do your­self a favour and have a sleep test.

You’ll never look back. I don’t leave home with­out it now. Pete Full name with­held by re­quest

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