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I seem to have stum­bled on the best way to keep our truck spa­ces free of cars and car­a­vans. It’s a lit­tle long but hell it was funny.

I pulled up at Sut­ton For­est south­bound to get a pork and gravy roll. Upon re­turn­ing to my truck with full hands and my roll jammed fair in my gob and a can of fa­tigue man­age­ment in the other, my shorts (lost a bit of podge so ev­ery­thing’s a bit loose) started to ever so slowly drop as I got to the truck.

So I spread my leg spread in or­der to keep the pub­lic from see­ing my hairy crack.

I opened the door and placed my can on the floor. Af­ter pulling my shorts up with my free hand, I scam­pered up the side of the 200.

Still with hands oc­cu­pied, I stood on the step for a bit, to place wal­let, drinks etc, in their hidey holes.

Back­side hangin’ slightly out of my shorts, I hear this “do you mind”, so I free up a hand to spin around and see a bloke and his mis­sus look­ing ever so dis­gusted.

I said “not at all” not re­ally know­ing what my back­side was do­ing. She says “pull your pants up for cry­ing out loud, we all shouldn’t have to see a dirty truck driver’s bum while we are eat­ing our lunch”.

Well, with that I got down from my truck with steam stream­ing from my ears and said at the top of my voice, so ev­ery other truck driver parked in the truck spa­ces could hear, “if you didn’t park in the truck sec­tion of a ser­vice cen­tre and parked your cars in the car park then you wouldn’t have to see a dirty truck driver’s back­side would you”.

Well, with that, they all packed up and left. So the moral to this is, if we want to stop cars and vans from park­ing in truck spa­ces, get your hairy back­side out as you climb in the cab! Name with­held by re­quest

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