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Hart’s Top Ten are:

There is plenty of read­ily avail­able elec­tronic tech­nol­ogy that can greatly im­prove truck safety, says one of Aus­tralia’s top heavy ve­hi­cle ex­perts.

Dr Peter Hart de­liv­ered a fas­ci­nat­ing power-point pre­sen­ta­tion on safety at the lat­est Tech­ni­cal and Main­te­nance Con­fer­ence in Mel­bourne.

Hart, a heavy ve­hi­cle en­gi­neer and foren­sic safety in­ves­ti­ga­tor, is also chair­man of the Aus­tralian Road Trans­port Sup­pli­ers As­so­ci­a­tion, one of the or­gan­is­ers of the TMC.

Most of my 'Top Ten Truck and Trailer Safety Tech­nolo­gies' in­volve elec­tronic con­trols, and they can save lives. Sev­eral are com­pul­sory over­seas.

“For­get about au­tonomous trucks and start talk­ing about sys­tems that as­sist driv­ers,” Hart says.

“Don’t ex­pect adop­tion of th­ese new tech­nolo­gies to be man­dated by the Aus­tralian De­sign Rules within the next five years.

“Aus­tralia ur­gently needs to start talk­ing about in­cen­tives for safer, and greener, trucks. The in­cen­tives could be rev­enue neu­tral for gov­ern­ment,” he adds. 1) Truck Elec­tronic Sta­bil­ity Con­trol • Ap­plies in­di­vid­ual brakes to cor­rect the ve­hi­cle path • Man­dated for new trucks in Europe and USA/ Canada 2) Truck Au­tonomous Emer­gency Brak­ing • Brakes the truck and trailer to avoid frontal col­li­sion • Man­dated on new trucks in Europe, but no ac­tive pro­posal to

man­date in Aus­tralia • First step is adap­tive cruise con­trol 3) Truck Aux­il­iary Brakes • Heavy-duty trucks should have pow­er­ful aux­il­iary brakes to help con­trol down­hill speed (the best one Owner// Driver has come across is Sca­nia’s trans­mis­sion re­tarder) • Man­dated in Europe but there is no ac­tive pro­posal to

man­date here 4) Truck Blind Spot De­tec­tion • Dis­plays images or sym­bols that iden­tify ve­hi­cles in blind spots • Im­proves vis­i­bil­ity, par­tic­u­larly on the left side. The dan­ger is

driver dis­trac­tion • No ac­tive pro­posal to man­date in Aus­tralia 5) Truck Sus­pen­sion Seats with In­te­gral Belts • Now man­dated in ADR 5 • Driver com­fort is greatly im­proved • Prin­ci­pal rea­son for low seat­belt wear­ing rate is non-use of

in­te­gral seats • Legacy prob­lem with most trucks older than seven years 6) Truck Lane De­par­ture Warn­ing Sys­tem • Warns the driver when a lane de­par­ture is pend­ing or oc­cur­ring • Helps the driver to deal with fa­tigue • Man­dated in Europe on most new heavy trucks but no ac­tive

pro­posal to man­date here 7) Trailer Elec­tronic Sta­bil­ity Con­trol (TEBS) • Slows the truck when a pend­ing rollover is pre­dicted. Proven

ben­e­fits • Also in­cor­po­rates elec­tronic brake dis­tri­bu­tion • Un­der ac­tive con­sid­er­a­tion here • Set­tings some­times need to be fine-tuned so a re­la­tion­ship with

the sup­plier is im­por­tant 8) Trailer Side-Un­der Run Bar­ri­ers • Im­por­tant in city driv­ing en­vi­ron­ments • Ef­fec­tive at keep­ing bi­cy­cles, mo­tor­cy­cles and sideswip­ing cars

away from the wheels • Man­dated in Europe but no ac­tive pro­posal to man­date in

Aus­tralia 9) Truck and Trailer Tyre Con­di­tion Man­age­ment • Pres­sure man­age­ment re­duces stop­ping dis­tance and im­proves

fuel econ­omy and tyre life • Tem­per­a­ture/pres­sure mon­i­tor­ing re­duces fire risk due to

wheel-end prob­lems • Un­der ac­tive re­view by the Euro­pean and USA reg­u­la­tors but no

ac­tive pro­posal to man­date in Aus­tralia 10) Tip­ping-Body Sta­bil­ity Man­age­ment • Aus­tralia is al­low­ing longer tip­ping trucks and trail­ers • In­ter­locks that mon­i­tor air-bag pres­sure now ex­ist to stop the lift

when it is un­safe • No ac­tive pro­posal to man­date here. Should be a ba­sic OHS


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