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It seems one ma­jor lo­gis­tics com­pany, af­ter build­ing a re­gional de­pot for changeover driv­ers, is now re­plac­ing com­pany driv­ers with subbies.

They are ob­vi­ously happy the Road Safety Re­mu­ner­a­tion Tri­bunal was knocked on the head.


There is a ru­mour about that you will not be able to get your old (wide­band) UHF re­paired into the fu­ture. The au­thor­i­ties will aim to stop this, so that only the newer nar­row­band (read: 80 chan­nel) sets will even­tu­ally re­main in use.


If the Feds, then NSW and now Victoria, all seem to think there is some­thing wrong with the way we are paid, yet they can­not agree how to fix it or that we all live in one coun­try, what hope do we have?


With the new COR regs signed off in Queens­land Par­lia­ment re­cently, how many of you are aware of the in­creased penal­ties, par­tic­u­larly re fa­tigue?

None of us want to drive tired, but do­ing so in the fu­ture (and how will they tell or de­fine it?) could well cost you much more than the week’s wages it might do now.

And, fol­low­ing on from that, un­til such times as those who po­lice the law on the roadside fully un­der­stand it and all sing to the one song­book, how much longer will blokes be hit with se­vere breaches and hauled off to court for some­thing, that in any other in­dus­try in Aus­tralia, would be an hour’s over­time?

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