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I agree 100 per cent with Scotty Douglas – ‘Is man­ual labour be­com­ing ex­tinct?’ ( Owner//Driver March 2017, page 51). The whole BS story that auto/semi-auto boxes were go­ing to rev­o­lu­tionise the trans­port in­dus­try when they started to ap­pear on the Australian mar­ket was a joke – all the sales­man’s rub­bish of how they were go­ing to be eas­ier to drive.

The only thing it was made eas­ier for was the next gen­er­a­tion of driver com­ing through. You know the ones I mean, those who were never taught how to drive a truck or lis­ten to the old bloke from the pre­vi­ous gen­er­a­tion who might have a cou­ple of clues.

In­stead they went through some ‘ac­cred­ited’ driv­ing school and taught to pass a test and smile po­litely for the nice man in the trans­port shirt when he takes you for a quick drive around the block.

There is no need to ac­tu­ally think about what you’re do­ing any­more, just jump in, put the thing in drive and hold the bas­tard flat all night. Where is the skill in some­thing that a trained mon­key could do? And if the thing does break down, no need to get out and try to fig­ure it out.

Oh no, get on the phone and hope the me­chanic turns up soon.

About three weeks ago I was called a dinosaur of the in­dus­try (32 years). I was a bit shocked at first, but af­ter a bit of thought now I wear that like a badge of hon­our be­cause I have sur­vived the job, where others we all know didn’t. Now I’m sure some read­ing this will dis­agree be­cause they love their au­tos to death. But I am not now, or ever will be, one of them. You are wel­come to it. J. Ben­nett, Tam­worth, NSW

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