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Narva has re­leased an all-new range of LED truck and trailer lights – the ‘Model 56’ – which it says com­bines the su­pe­rior light out­put of qual­ity LEDs and a sleek, stylish ap­pear­ance.

The cir­cu­lar lamps are avail­able in two sizes – the smaller 125mm di­am­e­ter mod­els are ideal for use in car­a­vans, campers and mo­torhomes, while the larger 155mm vari­ants are well suited for buses or truck trail­ers.

These 9-33 Volt lamps ben­e­fit from a low cur­rent draw and can be pur­chased in a num­ber of com­bi­na­tions depend­ing on the user’s re­quire­ments and ap­pli­ca­tion.

All fea­ture a clear in­ter­nal op­tic that pro­vides the lamps’ main func­tion and a uni­form ap­pear­ance when in­ac­tive – this is en­cap­su­lated by a cir­cu­lar tail light band that pro­vides a bright neon red ring when the brakes are ap­plied.

Narva says the tail light ring’s strik­ing bright­ness can be at­trib­uted to spe­cial LED pipe tech­nol­ogy nor­mally associated with high-end Euro­pean cars, while func­tion­al­ity is also en­sured thanks to Narva’s tough acrylic lenses.

De­signed to be used in tan­dem, the lamps are avail­able in rear di­rec­tional in­di­ca­tor lamp (am­ber) / tail ring (red); rear stop lamp (red) / tail ring (red); re­verse (white) / tail ring (red) and rear stop (red) / di­rec­tional in­di­ca­tor lamp (am­ber) / tail ring (red).

Ac­cord­ing to Narva, the larger 155mm lamps also have a clever se­quen­tial in­di­ca­tor op­tion where the rear in­di­ca­tor flashes se­quen­tially across the lamps’ op­tics from right to left and left to right, pro­vid­ing a very clear in­tent for the fol­low­ing driv­ers, adding to fur­ther flex­i­bil­ity. Vis­ually, the pack­age is fin­ished with a con­toured chrome cover to even fur­ther lift ap­pear­ance.

All lamps are sup­plied with a hard-wired sheathed ca­ble, mount­ing screws, and are in­te­grated on the sur­face of the mount­ing base for easy fit­ment.

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