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WHEN IT comes to au­to­mated trans­mis­sion tech­nol­ogy, ZF has been at the cut­ting edge and, with its new Traxon trans­mis­sion, the Ger­man gi­ant ap­pears to have taken a fur­ther step down the evo­lu­tion­ary path.

A cut-away dis­play of the Traxon shifter had some peo­ple won­der­ing what it was all about.

Ac­cord­ing to ZF, it’s sim­ply lighter, stronger and more in­tel­li­gent than any­thing that has gone be­fore it. The fun­da­men­tals are that it comes in 12- and 16-speed ver­sions and will cope with in­put torque ca­pac­i­ties up to 3400Nm, or 2500ft-lb, which means it’ll han­dle the out­puts of the most pow­er­ful truck en­gines on the mar­ket to­day. Along with a broad range of mod­ern fea­tures and claims for be­ing sub­stan­tially qui­eter and smoother, one of the at­trac­tions is what ZF calls ‘Pre­vi­sion GPS’.

Sim­ply, Traxon has ca­pac­ity to use satel­lite in­for­ma­tion to track any changes in to­pog­ra­phy and con­tin­u­ally de­ter­mine the best op­er­at­ing mode for the truck.

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