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A few months back Owner//Driver ran an ar­ti­cle about UHF abuse and for some rea­son it has been stuck in my head for a while. How do we fix it?

I found an old 40 channel in my shed the other day and it was a light bulb mo­ment. If I have an old 40 channel how many more are there out there? Plenty!

Col­lec­tively we have feet of clay in the truck­ing in­dus­try. It was years ago that the UHF band was in­creased to 80 chan­nels be­cause of con­ges­tion. So why didn’t we move to a channel in the new range?

I can hear all the ex­cuses un­der the sun and we have put up with in­creas­ing abuse since.

So we need a cam­paign to change to a ‘high­way channel’ to some­thing in the newer al­lo­ca­tion of chan­nels – let’s say channel 69.

Get a cou­ple of spon­sors, say GME and a trailer man­u­fac­turer, print up some stick­ers (lots be­cause we want one the back of ev­ery trailer) that say ‘UHF69ME’ and maybe a dis­count, trade-in or free in­stall deal with GME. It’s all good ad­ver­tis­ing for them.

I know it won’t stop all the abuse be­cause a num­ber of lo­cal driv­ers are re­spon­si­ble for some of the abuse but I am tip­ping we (in­ter­state driv­ers) may get back to leav­ing the UHF on when we come into ma­jor cities. I don’t know who orig­i­nally wrote the ar­ti­cle but I’m sure this is wor­thy of fur­ther dis­cus­sion and per­haps a fu­ture change driven by Owner//Driver. Steve Clancy

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