Stretch­ing out

Stretch­ing ex­er­cises can not only in­crease your flex­i­bil­ity, they im­prove your driv­ing per­for­mance. Here are five stretches to help lift your game, writes Steve Roberts

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TO IN­CREASE or main­tain flex­i­bil­ity and mus­cle sup­ple­ness, a five-minute stretch­ing ses­sion ev­ery day prior to work and through­out the day is rec­om­mended to: • In­crease flex­i­bil­ity and free­dom of move­ment • Re­duce mus­cle ten­sion • Re­move mus­cle waste prod­ucts • Re­duce mus­cle sore­ness and stiff­ness.


• Use the ac­tions, vari­a­tions and cau­tions for safety and ef­fec­tive­ness • Fol­low the guide on how many rep­e­ti­tions or the time to per­form the stretch • Stretch to the point of light ten­sion – never pain • Breathe and re­lax into stretch. En­tire stretch­ing ses­sion should take five min­utes.


Ac­tion: • Us­ing your fin­gers, draw the chin back a small dis­tance, main­tain­ing the ver­ti­cal ori­en­ta­tion of the face while con­tin­u­ing to look for­ward • The move­ment cre­ates a dou­ble chin • Hold for a few sec­onds and re­peat

five times. Cau­tions: Do not flex the head for­ward. Dis­con­tinue if pain or dis­com­fort is ex­pe­ri­enced.


Ac­tion: • Sit tall with good spinal align­ment • Keep chin tucked in • Push chest out and up­ward as rolling

shoul­ders back • Push hands away and up­ward • Hold for 30 sec­onds. Vari­a­tions: Push arms back and to the left or right, to vary the an­gle of the stretch. Also vary the height of the arm lift us­ing the arm­rests. Lift arms higher, within com­fort lim­its.


Ac­tion: • Hold the top of your fin­gers with the op­po­site hand and lightly pull back­ward and to­ward your body un­til your feel a light stretch • Hold for 30 sec­onds (both hands). Vari­a­tions: Use a desk to lean fin­gers and wrists against the edge to as­sist with the stretch by push­ing palm down­wards. Cau­tions: If you have a his­tory of wrist in­jury or other wrist patholo­gies, seek ad­vice prior to this stretch.


Ac­tion: • Cross fore­arms • Bring your palms to­gether • In­ter­lace fin­gers • Straighten the elbow and flex the wrist by pulling the fin­gers to­wards the out­side of the elbow • Keep the elbow straight and the shoul­ders re­laxed while flex­ing the fin­gers • Hold for 30 sec­onds (both sides).


Ac­tion: • Sit with your feet flat on the floor • Sit tall, elon­gat­ing your spine • Hold the edge of the chair with both hands • Ex­hale and slowly twist to one side • Hold for five sec­onds • In­hale as you slowly re­turn to the cen­tre • Each al­ter­nat­ing side equals one rep; per­form five rep­e­ti­tions each side. Cau­tions: Don’ t lean for­ward; keep your head and neck in­line with your torso and arms.

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