Make an em­bossed wa­ter­colour card

Here we show you how to up your game, with a more ad­vanced take on the Ink­tense tech­nique

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Fancy mak­ing your Ink­tense colour re­ally pop? A white em­bossed im­age is a great way to set off your work, and though it can be a lit­tle trick­ier to see where you’re colour­ing, the end re­sult is worth it!

This card shows how to build up sev­eral lay­ers of colour to add more con­trast to your shad­ing, and also how to add a grad­u­ated back­ground colour. When adding more than one layer of colour, make sure each layer is com­pletely dry be­fore mov­ing on to the next.

Con­trol how far the colour blends out by ad­just­ing how wet your paint­brush is. A moist brush is great for achiev­ing a smooth blend for the first layer. When adding shad­ing later, keep your brush fairly dry and the colour will be more con­cen­trated.

1 Ink and stitch the edges of a 14cm square of flo­ral pa­per and a 6cm strip of pink pat­terned pa­per. Layer onto a square white card (with fold at the top), as shown. 7 Make sure the first layer of colour­ing has com­pletely dried, then ap­ply an­other layer of pink pen­cil to the base of the petals and buds, and green pen­cil to the leaves and stems. 2 Rub an anti-static bag over a 12cm square of wa­ter­colour card and stamp the flo­ral im­age in Ver­samark ink. Sprin­kle with em­boss­ing pow­der and heat un­til the im­age is em­bossed. 8 Wet your brush, dab the ex­cess so it is almost dry, then gen­tly blend over the pen­cil, soft­en­ing the colour slightly but not draw­ing it out too much, to add con­trast to your shad­ing. 3 Lightly shade with pink pen­cil at the base of each pe­tal and bud; don’t worry if some gets on the white em­bossed lines – when you add wa­ter the em­bossed lines will re­sist the colour. 9 Ap­ply blue pen­cil very lightly all around the im­age and blend out with a damp paint­brush; keep it a lit­tle more moist for this stage so you can blend the blue out to fade com­pletely.

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