Make an easy wreath card

Layer mini stamps in a cir­cle to make this cool wreath, then fin­ish with a cen­tre greet­ing – sim­ple!

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One of the sim­plest de­signs to start peg stamp­ing with is this wreath shape, built up us­ing just four stamps and a few inks. As you get more con­fi­dent, you can in­cor­po­rate more stamps and colours. Kat has used sec­ond­gen­er­a­tion stamp­ing here (stamp­ing twice be­fore re-ink­ing), in­creas­ing depth and tex­ture of the image with­out need­ing lots of dif­fer­ent pads.

The wreath shape looks lovely used to frame a sen­ti­ment like this, or you could try dress­ing it with gems, pearls or rib­bons to make it a fo­cal point in it­self. The earthy colours and leaves mean this is a fan­tas­tic card for a male re­cip­i­ent, but you can use flower stamps for a more fem­i­nine fin­ish.


Cut a piece of white card mea­sur­ing 12x12cm. Us­ing a die-cut, or some­thing sim­i­lar, as a tem­plate, draw lightly in pen­cil an 8.5cm cir­cle in the cen­tre of the card.


Clean the small leaf stamp and re-ink in Olive Grove. Stamp around the cir­cle, stamp­ing twice be­fore re-ink­ing. Don’t make the pat­tern too pre­cise – it should be rea­son­ably ran­dom.


Ink the large leaf in Olive and stamp onto the cir­cle, then stamp again with­out re-ink­ing. Stamp a few more leaves around the cir­cle, stamp­ing twice each time be­fore re-ink­ing.


Ink the small hop flower in Pinecone and stamp sev­eral times around the cir­cle, stamp­ing twice be­fore re-ink­ing. Stamp about 10–12 times in to­tal.

Keep turn­ing your stamp as you work, so each leaf faces in dif­fer­ent di­rec­tions for a ‘free­hand’ look


Ink the leaf sprig in Pis­ta­chio and stamp a few times around the cir­cle with the length of the stamp, roughly fol­low­ing the line of the cir­cle. This time, re-ink each time you stamp.


Fill any re­main­ing gaps in the wreath with the small leaf stamped in Olive Grove and Pis­ta­chio ink. Stamp a sen­ti­ment in the cen­tre us­ing Rich Co­coa ink. Rub out the pen­cil line.


Ink the small leaf stamp in Pis­ta­chio and stamp sev­eral times around the cir­cle, stamp­ing twice be­fore re-ink­ing, so you get both bold and pale leaves.


Mount the wreath onto dark brown card. Layer brown stripy pa­per onto a 14.5cm square white card and add the wreath on top with sticky foam pads. Add pearls to the corners.

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