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Sarah Jack­man-Read trans­forms five items

We chal­lenged Sarah Jack­man-Read to make five cards us­ing just five bought items – plus a few ex­tra bits from her stash!

Tie the knot

Just Add: Lit­tle Venice Cake Com­pany dou­ble satin rib­bon, from Cole­mans The dou­ble-sided pa­pers are the per­fect thick­ness to cre­ate a sturdy tag. Make the body of the tag from shiny pa­per. Em­boss a piece of pat­terned pa­per, sand the pat­tern to re­veal the white core, then at­tach on top. Fold two doilies to­gether to cre­ate the wrap­ping for a mini bou­quet. Die-cut lots of flow­ers and at­tach them, so they are com­ing out the top of the doilies. Add a pretty rib­bon bow then use the same rib­bon for the tag tie.

Per­fect match

Cut andof own cut­tingthea at­tach dé­coupage­doily card.out into in sev­er­alCreatethe quar­ters­flow­ers cor­ner­sy­our blooms by and sticky back­ground lay­er­ing­foam pads. panel them, Em­bosson us­ing shiny a pa­per­pink ink. and Cut very out lightly match­ing ap­ply pink-and-yel­low flow­ers and at­tach them around the main blooms, as shown. Cut out a but­ter­fly and ad­here its body to the card, so the wings lift up­wards.

To have and to hold

Use the tem­plate pro­vided on page 77 to cre­ate this sim­ple gift bag with half a sheet of 12x12in pa­per. Glue a doily to con­trast­ing pa­per, cut it out then fold in half. Glue one half to the back of the bag, to cre­ate a flap. This can be closed us­ing a Vel­cro dot or mag­netic tape. Add a strip of em­bossed shiny pa­per down the cen­tre front of the bag, and use the sen­ti­ment as a tag. Make a bow in dou­ble-sided pa­per to cover up the end of the tag. Die-cut a but­ter­fly in con­trast­ing pa­per and use to dec­o­rate the fas­ten­ing.

Birds of a feather

Just Add: Anita’s A4 white vel­lum, from Grafton Crafts Em­boss a piece of vel­lum and cut an­other piece to the same size to cre­ate a pocket. Us­ing the First Edi­tion die and pat­terned pa­per, cut out lots of small flow­ers from the die-cut, then add them in­side the vel­lum pocket. Seal the pocket com­pletely and at­tach it be­hind a cir­cu­lar aper­ture to cre­ate a shaker card. Fussy cut a large bird and cre­ate a 3D ef­fect by lay­er­ing an­other wing on top, us­ing sticky foam pads. Cut the cen­tres out of two doilies and glue to­gether to form a flower. Add small die-cut flower sprigs and a sen­ti­ment.

Love blooms

Cut­ting out the sen­ti­ment from the mid­dleto match­ingbe usedof the piece­for die-cu­tanyof pa­per oc­ca­sion. pat­tern and Em­bossal­lows­cut to fit it a the sen­ti­ment space. Only stick down small ar­eas of the die-cut pat­tern, so some of the flow­ers lift up slightly and add depth. Stamp a greet­ing on the cen­tre of a doily, cut it out and layer onto pat­terned pa­per then add a cute fussy-cut bird to the top.

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