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Al­most ev­ery new car has dual-zone cli­mate con­trol these days, so why not your doona also? This thing is ba­si­cally a su­per-pow­ered elec­tric blan­ket. In­stead of just heat­ing wires, it pumps cool or warm air through various “chan­nels and cham­bers”. And there are two tem­per­a­ture zones.

WANTED: Air cir­cu­la­tion re­duces mois­ture (ew) and re­stricts the growth of mould and bed bugs. The air tube sys­tem also lets the bed “make it­self” (if you con­sider straight­en­ing the doona and noth­ing else, “mak­ing the bed” (there’s more to it? Ed.)). NOT WANTED: Ex­actly how loud is the pump? The only way to find out is to buy the doona. Oh the fights you will have!

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