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MSI’s lat­est range of SLI PLUS motherboards have all the power and fea­tures your busi­ness needs to keep you at the top of your game. Video edit­ing, graphic de­sign, mu­sic pro­duc­tion, photo edit­ing - it doesn’t mat­ter, any pro­fes­sional tasks you can throw at the SLI PLUS, it can han­dle with ease thanks to a plethora of fea­tures that sup­port and aid your work.

The X299 SLI PLUS mother­board is built around the lat­est In­tel X299 chipset, mak­ing it the ideal plat­form for your In­tel Core X-se­ries LGA2066 work­sta­tion.

Twin Turbo M.2 slots with NVMe sup­port pro­vides up to 32Gbps of raw band­width. Per­fect for video edit­ing and graphic ef­fects that eat disk I/O for break­fast. MSI have even thought about how to keep those blaz­ing M.2 SSDs cool with the M.2 Shield. The in­te­grated shield acts as a heatsink sit­ting on top of those toasty SSD chips, mov­ing heat away from the SSD, pre­vent­ing it from throt­tling down and en­sur­ing so max­i­mum per­for­mance, 24/7. Below left: The new MSI Z270 SLI Plus, and to the right the X370 SLI Plus for AMD De­mand­ing GPU users such as graphic de­signer, CAD ma­nip­u­la­tors and GPU com­puter tasks will ap­pre­ci­ate that the X299 SLI PLUS is de­signed and op­ti­mised for Nvidia Quadro SLI. Op­ti­mal slot place­ment means proper air­flow around the GPUs, which re­sults in per­fect sta­bil­ity and com­pat­i­bil­ity for heavy duty com­put­ing and ren­der­ing ef­fi­ciency.

Dual LAN ports pro­vided by In­tel’s ro­bust and in­dus­try lead­ing Eth­er­net chips are per­fect for the de­mand­ing pro­fes­sional. Ag­gre­gate the two on-board In­tel LAN ports for dou­ble the band­width when ac­cess­ing data off your high-speed file server. Al­ter­na­tively, set the ports up for re­dun­dancy so if one link goes down, the other keeps on truck­ing and you your busi­ness stay on­line.

USB has never been faster with Light­ning USB 3.1 Gen2 ports pow­ered by the ASMe­dia 3142 USB 3.1 Gen2 con­troller. Light­ning USB of­fers faster USB speeds when con­nect­ing mul­ti­ple USB 3.1 Gen2 de­vices at the same time. A to­tal of 16 Gb/s of band­width is pro­vided when us­ing two 8 Gb/s USB 3.1 Gen 2 de­vices – as­tro­nom­i­cally fast!


Are you an AMD fan? MSI’s X370 SLI PLUS fea­tures the AMD X370 chipset and has all you need to get the best of your new Ryzen CPU. Just like the X299 SLI PLUS, it has DDR4 Boost to ex­tract the best out of your RAM, it’s got Au­dio Boost 4, which iso­lates au­dio with a high-qual­ity au­dio pro­ces­sor MSI’s X299 SLI Plus is part of the se­ries that fo­cusses on high per­for­mance and pre­mium com­po­nents for the most im­mer­sive au­dio ex­pe­ri­ence and it even has the in­cred­i­bly use­ful EZ De­bug LED. Run into trou­ble? View the code flash­ing on an LED dis­play em­bed­ded on the mother­board to iden­tify what’s go­ing on.


The Z270 SLI PLUS com­bines the best fea­tures of the X299 SLI PLUS and the X370 SLI PLUS and brings them to the main­stream LGA1151 plat­form with the In­tel Z270 chipset. DDR4 Boost? Check. Au­dio Boost 4? Sorted. EZ De­bug LED? You bet. Twin Turbo M.2? Of course!


The en­tire SLI PLUS range of motherboards in­clude the MSI’s in­no­va­tive RAMDisk soft­ware. This unique fea­ture al­lows you to cre­ate a vir­tual drive from your sys­tem RAM me­mory. In­stantly load your soft­ware, speed up your browser or your page file to sig­nif­i­cantly speed up your sys­tem 25x more than a reg­u­lar SATA SSD.

Of course, all the SLI PLUS motherboards are built to MSI’s Steel Ar­mor stan­dard. PCIe and RAM lots are armed with more sol­der points on the mother­board for a stronger hold, pre­vent­ing any dam­age due to heavy-weight graph­ics cards or heavy RAM heatsinks.

MSI’s beau­ti­ful and in­no­va­tive Mystic Light is also fully sup­ported, dis­play­ing a stun­ning light show that is cus­tomis­able to your per­sonal tastes.

Com­bin­ing qual­ity you can rely on, with top per­for­mance and clever busi­ness so­lu­tions, MSI’s SLI PLUS motherboards are en­gi­neered to grat­ify even the most de­mand­ing pro­fes­sional. These boards will make your life eas­ier and sup­port your busi­ness with su­per sta­ble, re­li­able and long-last­ing per­for­mance.

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