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De­spite Wi-Fi ap­pear­ing to work like magic, smooth, re­li­able and fast Wi-Fi through­out a home can be a chal­lenge to ob­tain. At Up­grade Aus­tralia, you'll be able to see how Asus has all the gear nec­es­sary to make slow Wi-Fi a thing of the past.

Plac­ing the Wi-Fi router in the ap­pro­pri­ate area in your home or of­fice is cru­cial to achiev­ing a re­li­able net­work. Ideally, the router should be placed in the cen­tre of the home, as the antennas on Wi-Fi routers are omni-di­rec­tional, mean­ing they ra­di­ate in a cir­cu­lar pat­tern.


The fur­ni­ture and con­struc­tion of the build­ing can make a sig­nif­i­cant dif­fer­ence too. For ex­am­ple, metal fil­ing cab­i­nets in­ter­fere with Wi-Fi sig­nal and ma­te­ri­als such as bricks, con­crete and thick glass block sig­nal. A home made from con­crete blocks or dou­ble brick will se­verely im­pede wire­less sig­nal com­pared to wood and plas­ter­board.

The Asus RT-AC5300 is the ideal router to form the core of your Wi-Fi net­work. With a four-trans­mit, four-re­ceive (4T4R) am­pli­fied an­tenna de­sign, both Wi-Fi range and sig­nal sta­bil­ity im­prove dra­mat­i­cally. MU-MIMO en­ables mul­ti­ple com­pli­ant de­vices to con­nect at their max­i­mum speed si­mul­ta­ne­ously, mak­ing sure no band­width is wasted.


If plac­ing a Wi-Fi router in the right spot isn’t an op­tion or even the strong­est of routers just doesn't have enough range, there's still hope! A Wi-Fi range ex­ten­der such as the Asus RP-AC68U fea­tures Asus’s ex­clu­sive Ex­press­Way, en­abling you to ded­i­cate a Wi-Fi band to com­mu­ni­cate with the ex­ist­ing Wi-Fi sig­nal, and broad­cast­ing it fur­ther with the other, so de­vices on the edge of your home or of­fice no longer strug­gle to con­nect. Eth­er­net ports on the RP-AC68U let you con­nect non-mo­bile items, such as game con­soles, smart TVs and desk­top com­put­ers with a ca­ble, then us­ing the bridg­ing fea­ture, wire­lessly con­nect to the ex­ist­ing net­work. Mesh Wi-Fi prod­ucts like the Asus Lyra are be­com­ing in­creas­ingly pop­u­lar due to their abil­ity to blan­ket a home in Wi-Fi just by plac­ing a few small ac­cess points (also called nodes) in your home. With mesh Wi-Fi, each node has a ded­i­cated back­haul ra­dio, so the nodes don’t com­pete with end user de­vices such as tablets and smart­phones for band­width. The mesh net­work acts as one big net­work, cre­at­ing a sin­gle Wi-Fi SSID for your en­tire home, rather than a col­lec­tion of ex­tended net­works. De­vices can au­to­mat­i­cally roam to which­ever ac­cess point is clos­est - no more lost Wi-Fi as you move through your home or of­fice!


There is no point in hav­ing a strong sig­nal if the router lacks the fea­tures you need. For home users, two things are im­por­tant - se­cu­rity and easy in­te­gra­tion. The stylish Asus Blue Cave fea­tures the com­mer­cial grade In­ter­net se­cu­rity AiPro­tec­tion that up­dates it­self daily to pro­tect your net­work 24/7. It also sup­ports IFTTT pro­to­col along side an easy to use APP to eas­ily set up a smooth and re­li­able net­work with high in­tel­li­gence.

Gamers will love the GT-AC5300, Asus's flag­ship router de­signed from the ground up for low pings. The GT-AC5300 has two LAN ports op­ti­mised for gam­ing. Traf­fic on these ports is given top pri­or­ity, so your gam­ing de­vices al­ways get pri­or­ity over other traf­fic. Game Boost analy­ses net­work traf­fic, de­tects on­line gam­ing and gives it pri­or­ity too. The GT-AC5300 even has a ded­i­cated 5GHz gam­ing ra­dio, sep­a­rate to a 2.4Ghz and 5GHz ra­dio, so other wire­less de­vices don't clog things up for you.

For busi­ness users, the BRT-AC828 pro­vides en­ter­prise level net­work­ing fea­tures and sup­port for up to 250 si­mul­ta­ne­ous client con­nec­tions. The BRT-AC828 can cre­ate a free Wi-Fi por­tal, al­low­ing your busi­ness to show your brand­ing mes­sage be­fore of­fer­ing free Wi-Fi ser­vices. Other fea­tures such as link ag­gre­ga­tion (both LAN and WAN) and ad­vanced se­cu­rity fea­tures like AiPro­tec­tion, VLANs, and a hard­ware cryp­tog­ra­phy en­gine.

These ex­cel­lent Asus Wi-Fi prod­ucts will be on dis­play at Up­grade Aus­tralia, as well as the Asus team who will be de­lighted to dis­cuss how their in­dus­try lead­ing prod­ucts can take your wire­less net­work to the next level.

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