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S am­sung’s “Evo” SSDs are aimed at shop­pers who don’t need the flat-out speed of a top-tier drive. Ac­cord­ingly, the 960 Evo isn’t as fast as the 960 Pro. But it’s still a great per­former and the price is lower, mak­ing it a com­pelling propo­si­tion.

It’s still not cheap: the 500GB model we tested costs $130 more than the Cru­cial MX300, and that drive gives you an ex­tra 25GB. But fire up the bench­marks and it’s clear that you get what you pay for. It put in a su­perb per­for­mance in Crys­talDiskMark, with a se­quen­tial read speed of 1,931MB/ sec – only Sam­sung’s own 960 Pro did bet­ter. We also tried a multi-threaded se­quen­tial read test, and saw an huge trans­fer rate of 3,049MB/sec, in­di­cat­ing that there’s band­width to spare.

Se­quen­tial write per­for­mance is also su­perb, though Sam­sung’s Po­laris con­troller strug­gles with multi-threaded ran­dom write op­er­a­tions: here the 960 Evo dropped into the lower half of the ta­ble. Still, its score of 205MB/sec is hardly dis­grace­ful against a group av­er­age of 226MB/sec. You don’t need to worry too much about wear­ing the 960 Evo out: the drive’s rated for 200TBW. That’s only half as much as the 960 Pro, but it’s equiv­a­lent to sav­ing more than 5GB of data ev­ery day for ten years, which should be more than am­ple for a PC.

Two fi­nal points seal the 960 Evo’s ap­peal: first, it comes with Sam­sung’s Data Mi­gra­tion tool, which han­dles the fid­dly busi­ness of cloning your ex­ist­ing Win­dows in­stal­la­tion from your old hard disk onto the 960 Evo. You can even spec­ify in­di­vid­ual files to ex­clude, so you can move from a larger drive with­out hav­ing to get too bogged down in house­keep­ing.

Se­condly, the 960 Evo has built-in AES256 en­cryp­tion, with sup­port for the Opal and eDrive en­cryp­tion stan­dards, so you can ap­ply full-disk pass­word pro­tec­tion – if your BIOS sup­ports it, or you’re us­ing a ver­sion of Win­dows that in­cludes BitLocker. If noth­ing but the ab­so­lute best will do, pay the ex­tra for the 960 Pro. But for most peo­ple, the 960 Evo is all the SSD you need. Per­for­mance is only a half-step be­hind its pre­mium sib­ling, and the price is eas­ier to stom­ach.

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