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T he Ne­tatmo looks more like an or­na­ment than a se­cu­rity cam­era, and all its fea­tures re­volve around con­ve­nience and user-friend­li­ness in­stead of fine-grained con­trol.

Once paired with your phone – an odd process that in­volves turn­ing the Wel­come up­side down for the first few min­utes – it will start record­ing and look out for new faces. When it’s com­fort­able that it’s cap­tur­ing im­ages of the same per­son (typ­i­cally af­ter a cou­ple of hours of them walk­ing past) it will ask you to name the iden­ti­fied face and then con­firm that the pho­tos it’s taken are in­deed them.

The idea is that it builds up a pic­ture of who’s in your fam­ily and is then able to flag the ap­pear­ance of a stranger. You’ll then get an alert that some­thing odd is hap­pen­ing, and can tap to see a record­ing or a live view. Be­cause you’ve prob­a­bly cho­sen to only be no­ti­fied of strangers ap­pear­ing, you know you should take note of the alert. That’s one of the Ne­tatmo’s best fea­tures, as it’s easy to drown in no­ti­fi­ca­tions.

All the record­ings are made di­rect to the 8GB mi­croSD card that comes with the Wel­come – note it needs a power sup­ply and is in­door-only – but you can link your Drop­box ac­count or upload to an FTP server with­out an ad­di­tional fee. Ne­tatmo also saves the best im­age to the cloud, so even if your Wel­come is stolen by a ne’er-dow­ell then you’ll have a record.

While there is a web­site you can log into, con­fig­u­ra­tion is easy via the ex­cel­lent Ne­tatmo app. A thumb­nail of a face sits next to each clip – say­ing ei­ther “Un­known face seen” or “John seen”, where John is one of the peo­ple you’ve set as recog­nised al­ready – which you tap to see a full photo of the scene. Press play to watch, switch­ing to land­scape view to en­joy it in full glory.

Video is recorded in 1080p and the live view is suit­ably de­tailed, so long as lighting con­di­tions are good. While it does record au­dio as well, this isn’t two-way, so you can’t chat to the dog while you’re at work.

I wouldn’t put it past Ne­tatmo to some­how retro-fit this fea­ture – per­haps a mi­cro­phone that plugs in to the mi­cro-USB port – be­cause it’s keen on adding fea­tures as time goes on. In the US, you can al­ready buy a three-pack of sen­sors for US$99 that will alert you when some­one opens a win­dow, say, and re­cently an­nounced a 110dB siren to scare the be­je­sus out of bur­glars.

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