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N ot only is this Dell the cheap­est mon­i­tor on test in this group, it also has a 2,560 x 1,440 res­o­lu­tion, which im­me­di­ately makes it more de­sir­able, and the higher res­o­lu­tion is also primed well to take ad­vantrage of G-Sync’s ben­e­fits, over 24in 1080p dis­plays, giv­ing it a higher pixel den­sity.

Along with the Asus PG248Q, it’s one of only two dis­plays on test that use a more ex­pen­sive low-pro­file bezel. The ex­ter­nal bezel around the top and sides mea­sures just 1.5mm, with the rest of the bezel hid­den be­low the plas­tic front of the panel it­self. It gives the dis­play a re­ally sleek and classy feel com­pared with all the mon­i­tors on test this month.

Dell clearly has a very good eye for sub­tle de­sign as well. The muted dark metal­lic grey and black liv­ery proves yet again that you don’t need fancy ma­te­ri­als or flashy ex­tras to make a great-look­ing prod­uct. There’s no need for a gam­ing mon­i­tor to come with brightly coloured, an­gled plas­tic. The only slip-up is the use of glossy black plas­tic on the back of the panel. It ini­tially looks fine, but fin­ger­prints and scratches soon mar it.

The good looks are backed up by a solid de­sign too. The Dell’s stand is fully ad­justable, with the usual 130mm of height ad­just­ment, and there’s a proper ro­tat­ing joint on the base, rather than a swiv­el­ling bit of plas­tic un­der­neath. The stand also un­clips eas­ily to re­veal a 100 x 100mm VESA mount. Mean­while, video con­nec­tions are lim­ited to the usual Dis­playPort and HDMI sock­ets, but you get a four-port USB 3 hub, with two ports on the rear and two more on the left side. There’s also a head­phone jack on the left, but you don’t get any speak­ers, which is a bit of a shame.

The OSD and its con­trols largely work well too. Four but­tons sit on the right side of the un­der­side of the frame, and their func­tions change de­pend­ing on the menu shown on the screen. The lay­out is sim­ple and in­tu­itive, and the menus feel log­i­cally laid out, pro­vid­ing a good bal­ance of be­ing com­pre­hen­sive with­out feel­ing clut­tered.

How­ever, the but­tons them­selves are a touch un­re­spon­sive, so it’s not en­tirely a frus­tra­tion-free ex­pe­ri­ence.

Oth­er­wise, the big news with this mon­i­tor is that there’s ba­si­cally no need to jump into the menus, other than to ad­just the bright­ness, be­cause its im­age qual­ity is so good right out of the box. Most no­tably, colour tem­per­a­ture is near per­fect, so colours im­me­di­ately look ac­cu­rate, rather than be­ing too warm or cold. Gamma is also close enough, and there’s plenty of bright­ness on tap.

The only prob­lem is the low con­trast ra­tio of 674:1. That’s well be­low the 1,000:1 fig­ure we ide­ally want, al­though in use, it wasn’t as no­tice­able as this fig­ure sug­gests. Cru­cially, im­age qual­ity doesn’t drop when you jump to 144Hz, and there’s none of the washed out, low-gamma prob­lems of this mon­i­tor’s big­ger sib­ling, the S2716DG, ei­ther. It isn’t per­fect – and as with all th­ese dis­plays, it’s not re­ally suit­able for con­tent cre­ation, but its im­age is oth­er­wise fine. It also holds up well in gam­ing, with no ob­vi­ous prob­lems with in­put lag, and the com­bi­na­tion of a 144Hz re­fresh rate, 1ms re­sponse time and G-Sync sup­port mak­ing 2,560 x 1,440 gam­ing a very smooth and re­spon­sive ex­pe­ri­ence.


In terms of phys­i­cal de­sign, the Dell S2417DG is the stand­out win­ner of this group test. Add in its higher res­o­lu­tion and largely ex­cel­lent out-of-the-box im­age qual­ity and it nearly runs away with it. How­ever, a low con­trast ra­tio lets the side down a lit­tle. It’s still a great mon­i­tor, but not the slam-dunk win­ner it could have been. Al­most the per­fect all-rounder, the S2417DG doesn’t quite hit ev­ery mark, but it comes darn close. It’s a great mon­i­tor at a great price.

The ex­ter­nal bezel around the top and sides mea­sures just 1.5mm”

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