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Did you re­alise Nin­tendo’s Switch por­ta­ble gam­ing con­sole doesn’t of­fer Blue­tooth au­dio? We gen­uinely did not. It’s all part of Nin­tendo’s “no fuss, no muss” de­sign phi­los­o­phy. Of course, these days, one gi­ant cor­po­ra­tion’s omis­sion is an­other Indiegogo en­tre­pre­neur’s op­por­tu­nity...


What the Genki lacks in visual ex­cite­ment, it makes up for in clever ap­pli­ca­tion of var­i­ous sig­nal-pro­cess­ing stan­dards. It’s a neato lit­tle Blue­tooth don­gle for the Switch that uses the USB-C con­nec­tor and sips (Genki claims) min­i­mal juice from the bat­tery - 0.02W. It sup­ports aptX-LL for su­per-low la­tency, there are Switch-themed pair­ing but­tons for two BT de­vices at once, and it even comes with a stand and a USB-A adap­tor to use with the Dock.


Well there’s noth­ing of­fen­sive about this idea, it’s just that it runs an ex­treme risk of not be­ing ac­tu­ally avail­able be­fore Nin­tendo in­evitably an­nounces a new and im­proved ver­sion of the Switch that has Blue­tooth on­board. Or does it? It’s a gam­ble! Gam­ble with your don­gle! You read it here first.

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