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When it comes to lap­tops, there’s usu­ally a choice be­tween a sober, work-friendly model, a bulky gam­ing ma­chine and a svelte ul­tra-por­ta­ble which sac­ri­fices power for bat­tery life. For years we’ve had to choose be­tween one or the other or, in rare in­stances, a model that can ex­cel at two of three facets. But not any­more. Fi­nally, the tri­fecta has been achieved! Say hello to the lat­est Razer Blade.


First off there are the looks. The matte-black fin­ish oozes so­phis­ti­ca­tion and yet it would not look out of place at a LAN party or in an of­fice. The su­per-thin lid is solid enough to pro­tect the screen from knocks and its new, sharper lines look cut­ting edge. The screen bezels are now un­be­liev­ably thin on ei­ther side and make more room for more screen: Razer has some­how in­creased the dis­play size from 14 inches to 15.6 inches with only a min­i­mal ef­fect on chas­sis di­men­sions.

There are dif­fer­ent screen op­tions avail­able for dif­fer­ent re­quire­ments too and all leave the fac­tory hav­ing been in­di­vid­u­ally colour-cal­i­brated. One choice is the sRGB-cer­ti­fied, game­friendly, Full HD gam­ing dis­play with a 144Hz re­fresh rate for silky-smooth gam­ing. There’s also a 4K Ul­tra High Def­i­ni­tion unit that’s cer­ti­fied for the Adobe RGB colour space for those who es­chew gam­ing gains for max­i­mum res­o­lu­tion. The lat­ter is also avail­able as a touch screen. What­ever you choose, the vi­brant colours look stun­ning when set against the sig­na­ture mono­lithic black of the chas­sis.

And what a chas­sis it is! Milled from a sin­gle block of alu­minium, it’s so solid that it feels al­most bombproof and yet this aero­space-grade tech­nol­ogy means the whole pack­age weighs just 2.1KG. It’s one of the thinnest models in its cat­e­gory too with a height of just 17mm and a width of just 35.5cm.


Set against the chas­sis is the RGB LED key­board where ev­ery key is in­di­vid­u­ally lit. Razer’s Sy­napse app al­lows for mul­ti­ple light­ing ef­fects which can range from mes­meris­ing, dec­o­ra­tive colour fluc­tu­a­tions to per­for­mance-en­hanc­ing, game-spe­cific light­ing con­fig­u­ra­tions. The Razer Chroma tech­nol­ogy that drives it means you can even syn­chro­nise your lights with ex­ter­nal Razer de­vices. What­ever your preference, the full-sized key­board and low travel keys are comfortable to type on for ex­tended pe­ri­ods, whether that’s for typ­ing a lengthy of­fice re­port or own­ing n00bs into the small hours.

Flank­ing the key­board are stereo speak­ers which will im­press you with their per­for­mance – you won’t ex­pect the power or the rounded, punchy bass that ex­udes from such a small chas­sis. They also sup­port Dolby At­mos tech­nol­ogy so you can rest as­sured that the best mul­ti­me­dia and movie au­dio ef­fects will be com­pat­i­ble. Ad­ja­cent to these re­sides a large, glass­cov­ered touch­pad that is su­per re­spon­sive.


But what lies be­neath? The new Razer is no show pony. In­side this mild­man­nered reporter of a note­book is a true, thor­ough­bred, pow­er­house of a su­per ma­chine. Sport­ing the lat­est and great­est In­tel 8th Gen­er­a­tion Core i7 pro­ces­sor – a 2.2GHz hex­a­core i7-8750H with 4.1GHz Turbo Boost – that’s flanked by fast, 2,666MHz RAM and a speedy NVMe hard drive, the Razer flies through any pro­cess­ing task that you throw at it. But that’s not all. It also sports dis­creet graph­ics to the tune of Nvidia’s GTX 1070 GPU which means it eas­ily plays the lat­est and great­est games at the high­est set­tings which, of course, look fab­u­lous on the amaz­ing screen. It’s a gamer’s dream! (If for some rea­son you re­quire even more power, know that Razer’s Blade is also com­pat­i­ble with the Razer Core ex­ter­nal GPU en­clo­sure.)

Now at this point some gam­ing note­book afi­ciona­dos may be shift­ing in their seats rec­og­niz­ing that pow­er­ful pro­ces­sors in

small chas­sis can frequently cause over­heat­ing is­sues which can si­mul­ta­ne­ously make note­books un­com­fort­able to use while suf­fer­ing per­for­mance throt­tling. But once again Razer has you cov­ered.

Not only are In­tel’s 8th gen­er­a­tion pro­ces­sors and Nvidia’s Max-Q tech­nol­o­gy­wield­ing GPUs de­signed to op­er­ate op­ti­mally at high tem­per­a­tures, the lay­out of Razer’s chas­sis has been spe­cially tai­lored to deal with heat dis­si­pa­tion. It uses Razer’s spe­cial, cop­per, vac­uum-sealed va­por cham­ber which is more ef­fi­cient than the tra­di­tional heat-pipe cool­ing meth­ods used in other lap­tops. The cham­ber con­tains deion­ized wa­ter which turns to va­por while quickly and ef­fi­ciently car­ry­ing heat to the in­te­grated heat ex­chang­ers. Bleed­ing edge tech­nol­ogy such as nanopar­ti­cle Nas­bis sheet­ing and graphite­based pads are used to fur­ther con­trol heat and re­duce hotspots. All the while, twin 44-blade fans qui­etly move high vol­umes of air across the com­po­nents and away from the note­book.


Fol­low­ing that back to the out­side… in a lap­top that has ev­ery­thing you need to sup­port the most up-to-date con­nec­tiv­ity and Razer pro­vides. There are three USB 3.1 Type-A ports for the fastest, tra­di­tional con­nec­tions, plus a Thun­der­bolt 3 Type-C port for the lat­est de­vices. Video out is catered for with a full-sized HDMI 2.0b port plus a Mini Dis­playPort (ver­sion 1.4). Wi-Fi is taken care of thanks to In­tel’s AC 9260 du­al­band wire­less chip and Blue­Tooth 5 is also sup­ported. Fi­nally, above the screen is an HD we­b­cam that sits be­tween dual-ar­ray mi­cro­phones for crys­tal­clear speech.

But what about porta­bil­ity? It’s all well and good hav­ing a lap­top that does it all, but it’s not much cop if you can’t stay away from a power socket for more than a few min­utes. Once again Razer rises to the chal­lenge and nails the tri­fecta: you can ex­pect the Blade to play­back Full HD movies for a whop­ping six hours! If you need to per­form some heftier tasks while out on the road, know that it ran PCMark’s gru­elling bat­tery test for al­most four-and-ahalf hours!

This is an ul­ti­mate lap­top. It ex­cels at ev­ery­thing and leaves no key fea­ture un­ad­dressed. It’s avail­able in mul­ti­ple SKUs from $2,900 (Nvidia 1060 graph­ics, 256GB hard drive and 60Hz screen) through $3,999 (Nvidia 1070 graph­ics, 512GB hard drive and 144Hz screen) all the way up to $4,699 for the 4K touch­screen ver­sion. What­ever your preference, there’s a Razer Blade that does it all avail­able for you.

“This is an ul­ti­mate lap­top. It ex­cels at ev­ery­thing and leaves no key fea­ture un­ad­dressed”

The new Razer Blade (cen­tre) joins the Razer fam­ily of pow­er­house lap­tops, which in­cludes the Razer Blade Stealth (left), and Razer Blade Pro (right)

Stylis­tic flour­ishes adorn the Blade, while thought­ful de­sign and fea­tures make it a dream to use

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