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It used to be the case that Ap­ple com­put­ers were con­sid­ered much safer than PCs – a fact that Ap­ple glee­fully used to its ad­van­tage in its no­to­ri­ous Mac vs PC com­mer­cials in 2007. It’s still true that macOS is harder to ex­ploit than Win­dows – and it cer­tainly re­quires fewer up­dates – but it’s far from im­mune. Se­cu­rity firm Mal­ware­bytes has uncovered four new types of macOS mal­ware this year alone, in­clud­ing one called OSX. MaMi; this changes DNS set­tings and pre­vents you from chang­ing them back. Head to­w5qznx to read more about the cur­rent evo­lu­tion of macOS mal­ware.

Macs are ar­guably eas­ier to use than Win­dows, but this is some­what rel­a­tive. Any­one who has used Win­dows com­put­ers all their life may still strug­gle with macOS, at least ini­tially. And then there’s the cost fac­tor. Ap­ple Mac com­put­ers are more ex­pen­sive than ever, thanks to the weak­ened pound, mak­ing them one of the least a‹ord­able op­tions. Frus­trat­ingly, macOS is still tied to Ap­ple’s hard­ware. You can’t just buy a copy of the op­er­at­ing sys­tem and in­stall it on an ex­ist­ing PC… un­less you’re brave enough to delve into the murky world of Hack­in­tosh builds, that is.

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