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Are you a high-func­tion­ing al­co­holic? That’s noth­ing to be ashamed of, it’s just part of grow­ing up and be­ing Aus­tralian. But hang­overs suck, don’t they? Al­most as much as hang­over cures. But hope for a real hang­over cure springs eter­nal. Now here’s a new hang­over cure that quali es for this magazine be­cause of GE­NETIC TECH­NOL­OGY!


Zbiotics is a pro­bi­otic elixir kind of like those pos­si­bly Euro­pean lit­tle not-Yo­ghurt drink things I can never nd at the su­per­mar­ket. It con­tains wa­ter, avour, and the world’s rst bio­engi­neered pro­bi­otic, in­vented by PhD sci­en­tists (sic)! Still, at least they seem to know enough about hang­overs to claim Zbiotics breaks down ac­etalde­hyde, which is one of the main crim­i­nals be­hind a re­ally sav­age hang­over. Oh, and also a Group 1 car­cino­gen, ac­cord­ing to the In­ter­na­tional Agency for Re­search on Cancer. Any­way, chug a Zbiotics be­fore you chug a beer (or seven), and you’ll wake up “feel­ing fresh”, ac­cord­ing to Zbi­otic’s many tes­ti­mo­ni­als from peo­ple who all look like they are 25 (and thus nat­u­rally im­mune to sav­age hang­overs.)


There’s al­most no chance this stuff will work.

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