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Gen­er­ally we avoid wire­less ear­buds here in Most Wanted be­cause wire­less ear­buds are so in right now and there are roughly a bil­lion dif­fer­ent kinds to choose from. But these caught our eye be­cause they claim to be the rst quadcore com­put­ers... for your ears!


Be­cause of the bat­ter­ies and Blue­tooth gub­bins, wire­less ear­buds can look a bit, you know, in­cred­i­bly stupid stick­ing out of your ears. The nor­mal so­lu­tion is to spend $1,200+ (plus a visit to an au­di­ol­o­gist for mould­ings) on cus­tom “in-ear mon­i­tors” that look like sparkly hear­ing aids. The Avanco Hear(s?) are coated in a soft plas­tic that mushes deep into your ear canal. The trans­par­ent thing on the end works both as an an­tenna and as a way to ex­tract the buds once you’ve had enough rock­ing and/or podcasts about the French Revo­lu­tion. Avanco also sup­ports wire­less charg­ing, and claims sup­port for over-the-air charg­ing so you can charge the buds even while wear­ing them!


While it’s great that the Avanco(s?) Hear are small enough to go right in your ear, and are pow­ered by quad-core pro­ces­sors, the ac­tual speaker part ap­pears to take up maybe 20% of the en­tire bud. Big ear­buds are big be­cause they have big pow­er­ful driv­ers for pow­er­ful sound. So these might not sound very good.

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