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One of the big­gest draw­backs of the tra­di­tional wa­ter ght - you know the one that emerges spon­ta­neously, usu­ally in­volv­ing your “fun un­cle” and a bunch of buck­ets and even­tu­ally the hose with the squirter set to “jet” and you scream­ing for mercy - is that there’s no way to spend $180 on equip­ment for it. En­ter the Spyra One.


It’s a bat­tery-pow­ered wa­ter ri e that shoots “wa­ter bul­lets” in­stead of a stream. As a re­sult, you don’t need to pump it like those in­fe­rior wa­ter pis­tols, and the “wa­ter bul­lets” make “clean hits” at the sorts of ranges that other pis­tols can only dream about. Re lling the wa­ter tank af­ter the 25-shot “magazine” is ex­hausted takes 14 sec­onds. That’s as­sum­ing the bat­tery still has enough power, al­though we are as­sured, by Spyra, that we will grow tired of the wa­ter ght be­fore us­ing up the 1125 shots-worth of elec­tric­ity therein.


Look, we try not judge things on price here at Most Wanted be­cause what is money, man? Still, the Spyra One costs $180. For one gun. Or $344 for two. And this “wa­ter bul­let” con­cept might be great for paint­ballers, but your fun un­cle has the hose, dude, 800kPa of un­lim­ited soak­ing power. Also, the pro­to­type for the Spyra One looks way cooler than the nal de­sign.

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