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Some time ago, in a shrewd bit of mar­ket­ing, the pub­lish­ers of the Harry Pot­ter books put out new edi­tions with dark, stylish cov­ers. This made the books look more adult and pre­sum­ably sold an ad­di­tional Brazil­ian copies. Anki has now ap­plied this tech­nique to its toy bull­dozer ro­bot Cozmo, to cre­ate Vector.


Vector ap­pears to have been built us­ing the same plas­tic in­jec­tion moulds as Cozmo but now he’s black and metal­lic-black in­stead of white and red. More signi cantly, the smarts in­side have been con­sid­er­ably up­graded, such that Vector is more like Ama­zon’s Alexa or Google’s Home. The idea is that rather than hav­ing a face­less cylin­der dron­ing out your itin­er­ary, Vector will in­stead zip around the joint be­ing all cheer­ful and so forth. He’s on­line, so you can get an­swers to ba­sic questions, weather for ba­sic cities, a timer for ba­sic times, and he also plays Black­jack for some rea­son.


Vector’s pre­de­ces­sor Cozmo is de nitely the most per­son­able of all the ex­pen­sive-toy-level ro­bots we’ve tested, but he’s still very much a toy.

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