Some­thing I want to put out there to see what you think, but I’m start­ing to sus­pect some­thing with the an­nounce­ment this week of the re­lease date of the South Park video game. This has been twice out of two games that it’s been sched­uled for re­lease around Christ­mas. Then they get in all of the pre-sale money for Christ­mas. Then the game comes out one year later, in time for sales for the NEXT Christ­mas. Sure I know games get de­layed and it’s not the first game to be de­layed. But the same pat­tern on the same ti­tles? Surely when you sched­ule a re­lease date, the game is just about fin­ished. I can han­dle a few weeks over­due. Yet 10 to 12 months! Even Cart­man couldn’t plot this one!

Re­gards Mitchell Hall

Hi Mitchell – whilst it’s nice to think there is a con­spir­acy to rake in Christ­mas money, the rea­son for the South Park de­lays is a lot sim­pler. Whereas most li­censed games have some lim­ited over­sight from the orig­i­nal copy­right owner, Trey Parker and Matt Stone are ex­tremely hands on with the South Park games. The orig­i­nal game was de­layed by rewrites to make the game more top­i­cal and the pair want­ing changes and tweaks to con­tent. Likely the same is hap­pen­ing with The Frac­tured But Whole. Parker and Stone are known to be pro­tec­tive of their IP, so they would rather the game come out late than be some­thing they aren’t happy with (like pre­vi­ous South Park games).

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