White Chris­tian males of­fended that white Chris­tian males are vil­lains

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A white Amer­i­can Chris­tian has put up a change.org pe­ti­tion to can­cel or sub­stan­tially al­ter the re­cently an­nounced up­com­ing Ubisoft game Far Cry 5 due to the an­tag­o­nists in the game be­ing white Amer­i­can Chris­tians. Gamers United, as the pe­ti­tioner calls him­self has a few sug­ges­tions for changes, in­clud­ing mak­ing the bad­dies Mid­dle East­ern or “in­ner-city gangs”, or at the least to make the white na­tion­al­ist group be more racially di­verse be­cause ul­tra-na­tion­al­ists are all about wel­com­ing peo­ple of dif­fer­ent colours and creeds. Other sug­ges­tions in­clude mak­ing the vi­o­lent, sex­u­ally ag­gres­sive vil­lains into anti-heroes by mak­ing them a re­ac­tion to gov­ern­ment over­reach and tax­a­tion and to change the lo­ca­tion to Canada or some other coun­try so Amer­i­cans can en­joy shoot­ing for­eign­ers in­stead of their own peo­ple.

In Gamers United’s own words, “Us Gamers have had to en­dure a lot of crap over the last few years. The tar­geted ha­rass­ment by the main­stream press through Gamer­gate, the ter­ri­ble launch and out­right lies of highly an­tic­i­pated video games, the out­right cen­sor­ship of art through “lo­cal­iza­tion” poli­cies, the con­tin­ued re­jec­tion of ro­man­tic part­ners when they find out our hobby, the ap­pro­pri­a­tion of our cul­ture by so-called “gamers” on twit­ter. NO MORE!”

As of May 30, the pe­ti­tion had in­deed united 124 gamers, the vast ma­jor­ity of whom only signed the pe­ti­tion to take the piss.

Yes, it is a slow news month thanks to E3 be­ing just around the cor­ner.

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