So the flood has be­gun. From now un­til Christ­mas there is no slow pe­riod for games. Ev­ery month will see more and more games pour­ing into the mar­ket look­ing for your hard earned money. We’ll do our best to cover as many of th­ese games as pos­si­ble each month, but if there’s any­thing in par­tic­u­lar you want us to take a look at, let us know via email, on our FacePage or via email.

This is­sue got off to an in­ter­est­ing start when PCPP was ac­cused, in as many words, of be­ing fake news. This ini­tial email that I at first took as be­ing some kind of Trump gag con­tained a link to a twit­ter thread from a PR per­son claim­ing we didn’t in­ter­view his client at Gamescom, so the in­ter­view on our web­site was fake. The first part is true. We didn’t in­ter­view his client at Gamescom. The in­ter­view in ques­tion had been pub­lished in the magazine much ear­lier and had been mi­grated on­line af­ter the is­sue went off sale. We could, and should have done a bet­ter job of point­ing out the in­ter­view was pre­vi­ously pub­lished in the magazine (a prob­lem that was quickly rec­ti­fied), but even so, jump­ing to a fake in­ter­view con­clu­sion is a strange step for any­one to take. Why fake an in­ter­view with a de­vel­oper with a strong but niche au­di­ence?

Any­way, while deal­ing with fall­out, we dis­cov­ered some­thing we never thought we would – a Red­dit gam­ing com­mu­nity that was not only po­lite, but were also will­ing to wait for facts to come in be­fore com­ing to con­clu­sions. The ac­tual fans of the de­vel­oper at the cen­tre of the “fake” in­ter­view con­tro­versy were more trust­ing, po­lite and ra­tio­nal than peo­ple tan­gen­tially in­ter­ested in a Twit­ter thread. Trump is the US pres­i­dent, Nazis are walk­ing the streets and Red­dit users are be­ing nice. The world truly is topsy turvy.

Daniel Wilks

Sleep­less One @dr­wilken­stein

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