FOUR MOST IM­PRES­SIVE EL­E­MENTS: 1) Dual Sam­sung 4K Mon­i­tor (for movies/ work/bor­ing stuff) & ASUS 144hz 2K Mon­i­tor (for gam­ing). 2) GTX 1080 Founders Edi­tion - Jump­ing from a GTX 460 to the 1080 saw a slight in­crease in per­for­mance! 3) Cor­sair wa­ter cool­ing loop for my i7- 6700K. 4) Xonar U7 Sound Card + Au­dio-Tech­nica ADG1X - gives me con­trol of vol­umes I didn’t even know ex­isted.

LAST UP­GRADE: The Asus sound card and head­set combo, which cost a bit but was 100% worth it as I can now hear peo­ple scream on the plane in PUBG with crys­tal clar­ity.

DREAM UP­GRADE: Maybe chang­ing my card up to a GTX 1080Ti or even chuck­ing in an­other 1080 in SLI.

FAVOURITE FEA­TURE: Asus ROG mon­i­tor - not that I can see 144 FPS but it’s nice to know it’s there.

WHY SO SPE­CIAL: My first PC was from a sec­ond hand store and was the big­gest piece of garbage I ever had (its power but­ton had been re­placed with a LEGO switch). Ever since then I have loved build­ing and per­fect­ing my setup over the years to get to where I am now, with my dream setup that I am al­most con­tent with... al­most.

1. Is that an At­las Dawn? 2. So you’re the tar­get mar­ket for head­phone stands! We al­ways won­dered. 3. Your bor­ing mon­i­tor is still pretty ex­cit­ing 4. Ju­nior car­tog­ra­pher Wilks ap­proves of the maps 5. We like the PC place­ment - it’s like it’s lord­ing over the mon­i­tors and pe­riph­er­als 6. Some­one is a fan of Log­itech

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