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De­scribed as “cloud-punk” and “Float­ing Fron­tier”, it’s clear why Sky Noon cap­tured the imag­i­na­tion of the In­die Show­case judges. Project Man­ager/ Pro­gram­mer, Craig Tay­lor, says, “We chose a Western theme as it was a good fit for the slight steam­punk feel of the weapons and set­ting. We didn’t want to head into Vic­to­rian era steam­punk.” As well, this dis­tinc­tive PvP shooter, is set on dusty, but def­i­nitely float­ing, is­lands. They even have lit­tle en­gines keep­ing them aloft which you can use to boost you around. Hope­fully, you’re not afraid of heights! (And fall­ing for­ever down­wards.)

Tay­lor says, “The float­ing is­lands them­selves are mostly a me­chan­i­cal de­ci­sion, as the com­bat doesn’t lend it­self to in­te­ri­ors and closed spa­ces. There is greater em­pha­sis on speed and po­si­tion­ing. All the weapons push the play­ers back in­stead of dealing dam­age, so the aim is to knock op­po­nents

off the is­lands. It com­pletely changes the way a first-per­son shooter is usu­ally played and play­ers en­joy adapt­ing to the dif­fer­ent com­bat style.” My older son and I played the Time Tri­als and soon learned that, with some good tim­ing and knowl­edge of its range, the Grap­pling Hook is use­ful for sav­ing your­self, too.

There are ad­di­tional sin­gle-use items, in­clud­ing dy­na­mite, jet boots and ex­plod­ing tele­porters, to en­rich your des­per­ate strat­egy. Mine was hon­estly more fo­cused on keep­ing my feet on land than any­thing else, but I didn’t miss the point. Tay­lor says, “We hope play­ers can get the full ex­pe­ri­ence of Sky Noon at PAX; learn­ing the game­play me­chan­ics, dis­cov­er­ing which guns and abil­i­ties they like most, and most im­por­tantly, feel the rush of a grap­pling hook save and the ex­hil­a­ra­tion of fir­ing their op­po­nents off into obliv­ion.” Maybe just try to match your­self with someone who plays as badly as me.

Craig Tay­lor Man­ager / Pro­graM­Mer

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