X4: Foun­da­tions

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De­vel­oper egosoFt Pub­lisher egosoFt Due 2018


Want to lose all your time in the quest to dom­i­nate the gal­axy? Egosoft has your back with the next game in the some­times patchy but mostly won­der­ful ( in a time con­sum­ing, bru­tally ran­dom way) X saga. X4: Foun­da­tions takes the C3 model and adds more fly­able ships, mod­u­lar build­able space sta­tions and a more de­tailed econ­omy than ever be­fore. Of course, all the AI fac­tions and races have access to the same tools as the player, so ex­pect pain.

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