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01 8BitDo SN/SF30 Pro Game Con­troller

$70 • Ama­zon Con­nect­ing via Blue­tooth to Win­dows, macOS, An­droid, Switch, and Rasp­berry Pi, the SN30 (or SF30) Pro is the retro con­troller that does it all. POW­ERED UP: Mo­tion con­trols, rum­ble, click­able joy­sticks, D-pad, and screen­shot but­ton. Bat­tery is recharge­able via USB-C, and when plugged in, the con­troller can even be used as a wired de­vice. Equally us­able for mod­ern or retro games, and ac­tu­ally seems fairly priced! PLAYED OUT: De­cem­ber 10 is too long to wait.

02 Cin­era Head­set

$1500 • Cin­era www.cin­ A cin­ema screen right on your face is the dream of Cin­era, and given it’s blown past its Kick­starter goal by about five times, it’s a dream shared by a lot of peo­ple. POW­ERED UP: Dual screens at 2k res­o­lu­tion (2560x1440) with a 66 de­gree field of view for a high res­o­lu­tion cin­ema ex­pe­ri­ence. PLAYED OUT: This isn’t pre­cisely a new idea. Var­i­ous other head­gear rang­ing from Vuzix through to cur­rent VR head­sets have cin­ema pre­sen­ta­tion ca­pa­bil­ity. This also has a weird arm-mount thingy to po­si­tion it in front of your face so it doesn’t have to be worn, so it’s a safe bet it’s not great to wear for ex­tended pe­ri­ods.

03 Breath of the Wild Leather Jacket

$600 • Muster­brand www.muster­ If you feel like you’ve been missing a link be­tween games and fash­ion, then gee does Muster­brand have the item for you! POW­ERED UP: Lim­ited to 300 pieces, never to be re­made, this con­toured jacket is made of lamb leather and fea­tures cross de­tail­ing along the arms and chest. The Sheikah Eye sym­bol is em­broi­dered on the back, while in­side, the lin­ing is a full c olour print of Link climb­ing a pre­car­i­ous cliff face. PLAYED OUT: Lim­ited to 300 pieces!

04 Po­laroid OneStep2

$200 • Po­laroid Orig­i­nals eu.po­laroido­rig­i­ Po­laroid has now been in pho­tog­ra­phy busi­ness for more than 80 years, and iron­i­cally, is at­tempt­ing to stand out by up­dat­ing very lit­tle; since ev­ery­one has a cam­era in their phone, Po­laroid’s in­stant photo sys­tem is a nov­elty. POW­ERED UP: Flash, film avail­abil­ity LED in­di­ca­tors, self-timer, USB recharge, and a bat­tery that lasts up to 60 days. PLAYED OUT: Do peo­ple want phys­i­cal me­dia any­more? Nov­elty is fine, but it doesn’t take long for it to find its way to ne­glect.

05 iPhone X

$1579-1829 • Ap­ple www.ap­ If you get ex­cited about face-un­lock­ing and face recog­ni­tion on a phone, strap your­self in, be­cause this is gonna be the ride of your life! POW­ERED UP: Face un­lock­ing! Very se­cure face un­lock­ing! Ap­ple pay stuff with your face! An­i­mate emo­jis with your fa­cial ex­pres­sions with the TrueDepth cam­era! Be­come a laugh­ing poop or some­thing prob­a­bly! Neat self­ies! PLAYED OUT: Yet an­other been-there done-that fea­ture list pil­fered from other phone man­u­fac­tur­ers… which it turns out is ac­tu­ally good if you like iPhones be­cause now you get those fea­tures too! Hooray! VERY ex­pen­sive though! Booo!






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