All the de­tails on WoW’s new Is­land Ex­pe­di­tions from our ex­clu­sive hands-on at Bliz­zard HQ.

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Get the low­down on the new Is­land Ex­pe­di­tions, and how you can beat them!


is­lands con­jure glo­ri­ous im­agery. Sandy beaches. Shady palms. Salty goblins ready to cut your throat to beat you to the Azerite.

Yes, this is an is­land ex­pe­di­tion of the World of War­craft va­ri­ety, and we have good news from our hands-on ac­cess on a visit to Bliz­zard HQ in Irvine, Cal­i­for­nia. This new fea­ture com­ing to the Bat­tle for Azeroth ex­pan­sion is look­ing like the stand­out up­grade when it comes to re­playable con­tent.

Put sim­ply, if you’re the kind of player who doesn’t re­ally like PvP but want some­thing more dy­namic than run­ning the same raids and dun­geons on a loop, this is go­ing to light your fire.


When your first char­ac­ter reaches a cer­tain mile­stone in the Bat­tle for Azeroth War Cam­paign (ex­pected to be around half­way to the new level cap of 120), it will be time to ex­plore the high seas to bring home crit­i­cal re­sources for the war ef­fort. And that’s where Is­land Ex­pe­di­tions will un­lock.

Once you have ac­cess to Is­land Ex­pe­di­tions on your first char­ac­ter, it is un­locked for your whole ac­count, so you will be able to dive straight into Is­land Ex­pe­di­tions as a lev­el­ling ex­pe­ri­ence for any char­ac­ters that fol­low.

An Is­land Ex­pe­di­tion is a three-player group ex­pe­ri­ence, la­belled as ‘role ag­nos­tic,’ so you won’t need to make sure you have tankdps-heal com­bos to suc­ceed. That said, based on our hands on, hav­ing some kind of heal­ing on hand will make things a LOT eas­ier.

It’s de­signed as a PvE ex­pe­ri­ence from the out­set, a race against an op­pos­ing fac­tion AI team to col­lect a tar­get count of Azerite from

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